River is guilting me into watching GOT.

GOT 2.jpg

Because she loves it so much and I am her friend  (even WITH my enamel pin collections)  I am willing to check it out……


*This stat will change soon.


Yes. Big fat snowflakes reduced visibility on the highway to about 1/4 mile or less. But what was so beautiful was driving home on Saturday morning through an area they call ‘the Arches’. Those big fat snowflakes just seemed to hang in the air and it was GORGEOUS! So pretty. I wish a photo would have come out. But all I could get was what is on my windscreen before I left Gary’s.

Oh, and I hear this is the final episode of GOT…

GOTAnd since Disney now owns the rights to RHPS, Tim Curry is now a Disney Princess……


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19 thoughts on “So….

  1. I’ve been thinking of buying the first season on DVD … I don’t do well with serials as a rule … so I will probably watch a whole day. But I have not even seen the ads for it … much less a trailer …

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      1. Never saw that one. GOT has a few huge battle scenes, and lots of individual deaths… but they’re integral to the plot. Although if you hate seeing violence on screen… it may not be for you.

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      2. This series just OPENED with lots of blood. Did not even MEET any characters first so one would care if they died or not. How about introducing the players before you start killing them off….? Just a thought SOA.

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  2. Lol, I too am part of that 1%! Everyone’s losing their minds over GOT all over the place and I’m just like… “What’s the fuss”? I will admit that if I had HBO I’d TOTALLY be watching it though.

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  3. Yay! Seriously, if my husband can be a convert… anyone can. Just don’t be turned off by the nudity and violence, I admit there is a great deal… especially in the beginning. Watch more than one episode… it often takes a few for the hooks to sink in. 😉
    Love RHPS on the Throne! Hate that a Disney is buying everything up though… they merchandise and cheapen whatever they touch.

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