The Naughty Little Creek……

4/18/2019beaver creek 41820019

Beaver Creek. Go to the stop sign you see at the end of this road. Turn left, drive 1/4 mile and there’s my house.

4/29/2019beaver creek 4292019

This little creek LOVES to flood. It thinks it is too small to do much damage but OH the people who have trouble getting out of the area…..A couple years ago the water was up to where I am standing taking this photo. But it’s a well constructed bridge. NO damage even tho this creek can really move.

This photo is that same creek.  It’s banks are the far water, just a narrow ribbon usually, that you can see along the tall bank. (The first two photos are to the left 1/4 mile.) water 002

Little bugger likes to flood every spring. . . Naughty little creek. (There’s a book idea for you Mike!)

Supper Wednesday night with Gary and his mom. I like her. She’s so fun. She’s coming to the party Gary and I are hosting at his house on the 11th of May. This could get interesting. Wine will be flowing. I think it will be a good time.

I need to get up to the cemetery again.


Gary wants to go with me.

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