I forgot to blog today!!

Workin’ on a big’un for July 22nd.

And thinking about Madeline McCann. I just finished watching the Docuseries on Netflix.

I don’t think Mummy and Daddums had anything to do with it. Except the stupidity of not hiring a sitter. I don’t care HOW close you are in proximity. Children that small need someone there.

What are your thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “I forgot to blog today!!

  1. I couldn’t get through that Docu… I started it and got to the part where she went missing but it just wasn’t holding my attention the way it should. Was it me? Did I quit on the show too soon? Should I pick it back up?

    I TOTALLY agree with you that they should have gotten a sitter! As I was watching that was all I could think! I don’t care where you are, home, vacation, friends house, familys house… Someone needs to be watching the kids for pete’s sake.

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    1. They did drag it out. 6 episodes instead of 10 would have been plenty. It held my attention all the way through but then I was in the UK just a few days later. It was ALL over the news during my visit. So I’ve always followed it.

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      1. Ooh yah, that one got you hook line and sinker for sure. You have kind of a personal connection to it, being there during. I would be feeling the same way.

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      2. Uhg… right in the feels. I know what you mean with that… Sandy Creek happened when my son was the exact same age. I ligit cried.

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      3. Oh my wow. That was just about one of the most awful things I’ve read ever. I’m like gutted. I can not even imagine. I’m going to have to find that docu.

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