Today started out good….

…..and has been going downhill. cullan and tool chest-1
What my wonderful grandson is standing next to, is a toolbox that cost $25,000. The box and tools took 40 years to accumulate, earn, fill. It’s now been appraised at $18-19,000 (and school teachers bitch about a few hundred dollars a year. (show me a different figure and I’ll change it) Sorry, that gets my goat some days.) I’m hearing via the grapevine how he’s just SICK over this toolbox, wanting it and not being able to have it because he and I are not talking about a pay’t plan.

Well? Just HOW many times do I have to ask to get together and discuss this? I’ve been asking since last August.

So now I have an idea. He will go to the bank and see how much it would cost for a $15,000 loan. What his interest rate and payments would be. Then he and I can go from there.

Does that sound right?

And does anyone remember how to figure out payments? For example, $15,000 at 1% interest for 5 years….I need a figure to throw at him.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Today started out good….

    1. If I just gave it to him? I would have 12 OTHER G’children expecting the same high dollar graduation present. Now. I have g’kids ages 15,12,12,11,9,5,5,5,4,3,3, and 4 months. I cannot afford to give them EACH that kind of high priced item. (Yes, my son is adopting the twins)


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