Who’s gonna call me Suzie Bell now???

My brother called last night just as Cyndi and I were finishing up our Sushi Dinner.

family reunion alcatraz 108.jpg

Aunt Eunice(gone), Uncle Lee, Aunt Della(gone), Mom, Dad, Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Bert

These are the Fab 4 and spouses. Aunt Eunice, Uncle Lee, my dad, and Uncle Bert. Aunt Eunice died just 3 months after Nick did. Aunt Della died in 2014.

My generation is known as the Sweet 16. We are 15 now with the death of my brother, Scott last July.

The reason I’m telling y’all this is because of that phone call from my brother. Uncle Bert was put in hospice last night. Today they are moving him to a VA Hospice north of the Twin Cities. Gary and I are going to the cities this weekend for a wedding reception and dance. Sunday we’ll be going to see Uncle.

He always called me Suzie Bell. ‘Well Suzie Bell! So good to see you!!’ and I’d get my big hug.

He had a hip replacement, then complications. Now his kidneys are failing. He is in his early 90’s so it’s not like this isn’t expected in the next few years anyway but it’s always a blow to lose someone you love so dearly as my family loves the Fab 4.


So who’s gonna call me Suzie Bell now?

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12 thoughts on “Who’s gonna call me Suzie Bell now???

    1. Ya, our Fab 4 is pretty fab. Altho now it’s the Thrilling 3, soon enough to be the Tremendous 2. Auntie was 95 when she died. Still hurt something awful.

      Susie Bell….I’m gonna miss that.

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      1. OH…………come join me for a family rebellion. You’ll end up in a corner with wide eyes and a plate full of food in front of you!!

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  1. Awww, so so sweet you really love and care about the generation that came before you. That isn’t the way it goes a lot of the time now a days. Your Uncle sounds like a cool and funny guy (with impeccable fashion sense! I kid! I love old people fashion, it’s always so comfy yet presentable!) and I’m so sorry things aren’t going well for him right now. Hang in there Sis.

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