Today, this is how I feel….

Thursday Day 4 of hostage

But last night I sold about $800 worth of motors, trannies, center gears, brake drums……..and the guy still wants the $1,000 Flathead motor and another motor from the shed. I’m happy. I can pay off my car loan after that and get rid of a $200/month payment~!

He’s also going to tell a guy he works with about the $9K 428SCJ motor for sale. Hopefully he’ll take that off my hands. Then I discovered I have ANOTHER flattie to get rid of too. One of the flatties I have will have to bring $1,300. It’s rare.

For those of you than don’t know………the above is a ‘flattie’. The ‘heads’ (where the white spark plugs are) are, well, flat.  A Flathead motor very popular in the late 30’s to the early 50’s. These photos are of one in my shed, not the $1,000 one. The ‘spensive one is painted red and burbles so happily when you tickle the key.

I won’t be home this weekend to sell ….. we have a wedding in the cities then we are going to see my uncle.

And now? I’m leaving to go meet Gary for supper along with some friends of mine that want to meet him.

Later all….

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