Have YOU ever been to a Russian wedding?

Gary and I.jpeg It was such fun! We were exhausted! Wedding, then the drinking began!

The wedding/reception/dance were all in one place. After a SHORT (15 min) wedding, we were kind of ushered to the other side for h’ordurves as they put up a rolling wall. We drank as they set up the tables over there. Then we all had to find our names on the table list. The DJ was playing some good music, we all were asked to sit down. Just as they started serving us Salad and baked chicken breasts, the DJ said EVERYONE ON THE DANCE FLOOR. Gary and I were like ‘huh?’ so we went back to the dance floor. They did the Grand March! (meanwhile our awesome chicken breasts were getting cold) Finally we sat again, ate our cold chicken (that was sposed to be hot)….

A little bit later, they bring out Beef (so tender), asparagus, and REAL mashed potatoes. Just as we load our plate, DJ says ‘EVERYONE OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR!’ Gary and I looked at each other and said no. We are eating this one warm. This time is was for the parents of the couple to teach the new bride and groom what they have learned about kissing over the last 30-33 years. GORKA!!  ya. ok. They finally sent everyone back to the tables to eat their cold beef and taters……then EVERYONE OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

While everyone was out there, the salmon and ravioli arrived. ‘Ok everyone sit and eat your fish!!’ I don’t do salmon so I was good.

Little bit later ‘EVERYONE OUT ON THE DANCE FLOOR!’ Time for the Maid of Honor and the Best Man speech. Then it was ‘Desert bar is open!’ OK, I admit I had already snitched from there. Some of the BEST tarts I’ve ever eated and strawberries covered in chocolate the size of your FIST!

Gary and I again.jpeg
We had a great time. Danced a lot. It was freaking COLD outside and raining so I’m glad we were in such a cool old building.

I’ll tell you about Sunday’s drive to see my Uncle tomorrow. Later everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Have YOU ever been to a Russian wedding?

  1. HA! I wonder why they just don’t want to let you eat your food warm? This is quite a mystery.. maybe they are trying to be proactive on burning calories before you eat? So weird! Looks like you had fun though!

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