Susie Bell….one last time

God that was hard. The complex is pretty big.  We turned right….drove







Finally found building 49 where Uncle was.If we would have turned left? RIGHT THERE.

Anyway, I was walking the hall following the sign to 49 when a vet in a wheelchair asked me for a push, then asked me where I was going. I said I was looking for Building 49. ‘No, his name.’ I said ‘Bert’. Ah. Follow me to the elevators. We had a funny little conversation on the way about hidden elevators.

Found the main floor nurse’ station and the guy asked if Bert was here. She said yes! I asked the nurse what room he was in and she took me to the TV room. I thanked the guy for the directions and he thanked me for the ride……


There he was.

“Do you know this lady?” The nurse asked.

“Susie Bell” and a smile.

This is gonna be hard.

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