Tidbits to remember: Memorial Day 2019


I hope you don’t think that.

It’s common for volunteers to place the American Flag on graves in the national cemeteries. Memorial Day is also a popular day for people to visit cemeteries and honor those who have died while serving in the military.

Memorial Day 5

Although not as popular today, one Memorial Day tradition was to eat a picnic meal while sitting on the grounds of a cemetery.

Because it is SO MUCH more than that.

Memorial Day 10

There are more than 300,000 fallen soldiers buried at Arlington Cemetery. On average, 28 burials are held there each day.

And remember who you need to thank.

They are the ones that cannot say “you are most welcome”

Memorial day 3

Approximately 620,000 soldiers on both sides died during the Civil War.

These photos make my heart clutch in pain.

The Grand Army of the Republic was created by the Union Army to honor their dead. After World War I, the American Legion took over their duties.

Please always remember……………..

Memorial day 2

In 1966, President Johnson named Waterloo, New York, as the original place of Memorial Day.

…..and never forget………

Memorial Day 7

Congress passed the National Moment of Remembrance Act in 2000 that requires all Americans to stop what they are doing at 3:00pm on Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have died serving the United States.

I go stand in front of my Grandfather’s grave. And I remember him.

memorial day 1.jpg

On Memorial Day, the flag is supposed to be flown at half-mast until noon and then raised to full mast until sunset.
Barely. But I do.

Memorial Day 6

Memorial Day is sometimes confused with Veterans Day. However, Veterans Day honors ALL United States military veterans, while Memorial Day honors the soldiers who died while serving.

NEVER EVER forget why you get that 3 day weekend the end of May. Because if you do? Their sacrifice is for nothing.

Memorial day 4

Go see this. Maybe you’ll understand. It will take your breath away.

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10 thoughts on “Tidbits to remember: Memorial Day 2019

  1. I was completely unprepared for the raw emotion at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
    As we walked and that wall rose over our heads?
    I wept.
    The quiet reverence you find there is like no other monument.

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  2. Heartbreaking pictures.

    I actually made that mistake yesterday when I saw my FIL, I wished him a good memorial day and as soon as the words were out of my mouth I face palmed. Uhg. That one picture you posted was right, it said Veterans will be the first to tell you the day is not about them, and that’s exactly what he said to me. Lesson learned and will be remembered on my part.

    We like to have a good time with friends and family on this holiday weekend (Saturday & Sunday) every year, but the actual holiday (Monday) is usually spent with reflection and gratitude and honoring those who gave everything.

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  3. Beautifully done. Thank you. My dad, a veteran of WWII, wept every year on this day. He played patriotic music on his record player (yes, he still had one of those) and sat and listened and cried. He’d get annoyed with people who just thought Memorial Day was for “Play.” More people need to be reminded why we’re able to “Play” and enjoy American freedoms. ❤

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