I’m sorry….I am exhausted today…..

Last night, Chris and Rob came over, picked up 3 motors and 2 Ford rear ends. I sold everything for enough to pay this baby off today.

Edge 1

She’s mine, lock, stock and barrel. Now THAT pay’t can go to the credit card I want paid off next.

I was so full of thoughts about this, it was after 1:30am before I could shut the light off and try to sleep. I dropped off only to have the dog trying to jump back up on my (over waist high) bed and he didn’t make it. He was hanging off the end, so I had to help him up. This was at 3 or 4am. It scared the cat out of a deep sleep so HE jumped up, scaring the shit outta me….

You can’t make this shit up…..


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10 thoughts on “I’m sorry….I am exhausted today…..

    1. Feels good to pay something off. Next? CREDIT CARD!! Yes, I know it has a higher interest rate but it also has a higher balance than the car loan and that $200/month can go to the CC now. Yay!

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