I just realized….

…………that I didn’t write yesterday.oops
oops again.gif
My bad….
oops three
I’m sorry. I know y’all just wait with baited breath for every post I do.

Muppets laughing

Anyway……Uncle is still hanging in there. SisterCuz is coming from Indiana tomorrow to see him and I’m hoping we can get together for a bit tomorrow later afternoon or evening….

I finished wall #2 last night.
door right and front
It looks so bright and clean in there now. I finished up the wall around the door last night and I still have the wall to the left to do yet.
door new front
This is the new front door I picked out. I need to get it and get it installed soon. I also need to do the balcony door and the screen porch door. For some reason he put hollow core doors on those. I have several doors in my garage that would work. Just need someone to install.door screen door.jpeg
I have this really cool patio door I would LOVE on my screen porch. I need to measure it up and see if it will work…..

I think this will be ‘The Summer of Doors’.


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14 thoughts on “I just realized….

  1. It can’t be Summer with the Frosty decoration still up on that door, lol! You crack me right up! Love the paint job though, looks so fresh and so clean!

    Glad to hear your Uncle is still doing ok!

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