Today, this is how I feel….

Thursday Day 4 of hostage

But last night I sold about $800 worth of motors, trannies, center gears, brake drums……..and the guy still wants the $1,000 Flathead motor and another motor from the shed. I’m happy. I can pay off my car loan after that and get rid of a $200/month payment~!

He’s also going to tell a guy he works with about the $9K 428SCJ motor for sale. Hopefully he’ll take that off my hands. Then I discovered I have ANOTHER flattie to get rid of too. One of the flatties I have will have to bring $1,300. It’s rare.

For those of you than don’t know………the above is a ‘flattie’. The ‘heads’ (where the white spark plugs are) are, well, flat.  A Flathead motor very popular in the late 30’s to the early 50’s. These photos are of one in my shed, not the $1,000 one. The ‘spensive one is painted red and burbles so happily when you tickle the key.

I won’t be home this weekend to sell ….. we have a wedding in the cities then we are going to see my uncle.

And now? I’m leaving to go meet Gary for supper along with some friends of mine that want to meet him.

Later all….

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Who’s gonna call me Suzie Bell now???

My brother called last night just as Cyndi and I were finishing up our Sushi Dinner.

family reunion alcatraz 108.jpg

Aunt Eunice(gone), Uncle Lee, Aunt Della(gone), Mom, Dad, Aunt Ruthie, Uncle Bert

These are the Fab 4 and spouses. Aunt Eunice, Uncle Lee, my dad, and Uncle Bert. Aunt Eunice died just 3 months after Nick did. Aunt Della died in 2014.

My generation is known as the Sweet 16. We are 15 now with the death of my brother, Scott last July.

The reason I’m telling y’all this is because of that phone call from my brother. Uncle Bert was put in hospice last night. Today they are moving him to a VA Hospice north of the Twin Cities. Gary and I are going to the cities this weekend for a wedding reception and dance. Sunday we’ll be going to see Uncle.

He always called me Suzie Bell. ‘Well Suzie Bell! So good to see you!!’ and I’d get my big hug.

He had a hip replacement, then complications. Now his kidneys are failing. He is in his early 90’s so it’s not like this isn’t expected in the next few years anyway but it’s always a blow to lose someone you love so dearly as my family loves the Fab 4.


So who’s gonna call me Suzie Bell now?

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I spose y’all wanna know……….

…….how the party went on Saturday?

Gary and I sent out invites. Three different ones. Each one had a different meme on it.

….and I can’t remember the third one OR where I put the invites on this computer to look at them again!! Anyway, everyone enjoyed them.


party invite 1We decided to do a sandwich bar and I made some appetizers. We bought some dip, someone brought salsa and a creamy dip too. I made (left yummy photo) Guacamole in Scoops with a half cherry tomato on top. Those went like HOT CAKES. I had to make a second tray! Then there is the baguette bread with chicken salad topped by dried cranberries (right yummy photo). OMG that is the BEST combination for a tiny appetizer! And for a full size sandwich!

One of his sisters brought his mom and they ended up having to leave a bit early so we decided to eat early……… Sandwich bar of Shepherd’s Bread, 10 grain Wheat bread, deli chicken, garlic roasted roast beef, and Kretchmar ham. Dijon Mayo spread (Mayo and Pampered Chef’s Dijon Mustard Rub)

It was a good time. I had 6 Kahlua and creams and I wasn’t even toasted. I was having a great time and I could walk, not slur my words, and even constructed coherent sentences! Oh hush. I did too.


I was fine. Slept really good! lol

Looking forward to the next party.



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Today started out good….

…..and has been going downhill. cullan and tool chest-1
What my wonderful grandson is standing next to, is a toolbox that cost $25,000. The box and tools took 40 years to accumulate, earn, fill. It’s now been appraised at $18-19,000 (and school teachers bitch about a few hundred dollars a year. (show me a different figure and I’ll change it) Sorry, that gets my goat some days.) I’m hearing via the grapevine how he’s just SICK over this toolbox, wanting it and not being able to have it because he and I are not talking about a pay’t plan.

Well? Just HOW many times do I have to ask to get together and discuss this? I’ve been asking since last August.

So now I have an idea. He will go to the bank and see how much it would cost for a $15,000 loan. What his interest rate and payments would be. Then he and I can go from there.

Does that sound right?

And does anyone remember how to figure out payments? For example, $15,000 at 1% interest for 5 years….I need a figure to throw at him.

Thank you.

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I forgot to blog today!!

Workin’ on a big’un for July 22nd.

And thinking about Madeline McCann. I just finished watching the Docuseries on Netflix.

I don’t think Mummy and Daddums had anything to do with it. Except the stupidity of not hiring a sitter. I don’t care HOW close you are in proximity. Children that small need someone there.

What are your thoughts?

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