It’s a melancholy day….

…………….so I look for something in my archives that says sad.

And this comes up.


How does one stay sad NOW?????


Gary’s daughter went into labor about 5:30pm last night.

At 6:40am, Selah Daye was born weighing in at  7lbs 12oz. I can’t wait to meet her next week. And her Mommy. And her Daddy…..Gary is beside himself. It will be a fun trip.

Son sold his house. Now they are doing a mad scramble to put offers in on two other homes hoping to get one done before the closing on THEIR house Aug 2nd. I’m going over there tonight to see the BIG house they are looking at. Almost 4,000 square feet but needs work.

Fingers crossed!!!

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11 thoughts on “It’s a melancholy day….

  1. Well let me try to answer how someone could stay sad. At MY age, it is sad that I could only ever “look” and not touch that cowboy LOLOL 😂

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