And the LAST fun tidbit from our vaca….

Apparently the rumor mill has been churning.

coke pepsi.png

And churning.

thailand flower 2.jpg

I was on Messenger with my friend Karla Tuesday.

She asks me to make sure she and her husband get an invite to mine and Gary’s wedding.

I’m like ” wait…………………………………WHAT?? ”

“I’m just saying if/when that happens.”

whew 3.gif

Today I get “Did you? lol


I know, just giving you some shit.

whew close one

So as I am working out on the screen porch Tuesday when Gary texts me and asks how it’s going.

So I tell him what Karla said.

He’s like “Well I have something to tell you.”

wait what 2.gif
He took Monday off too. Needed to mow lawn and he put the new fuel pump in my Mustang and did some other misc stuff.

So Tuesday when he gets back to work, as he is showing someone how to use a piece of equipment, three of his co-workers come up to him and say “We heard you got married yesterday.”
wait what.gif
He’s like ‘That’s news to me.’


But oh, wait till they see us together at a company function…………………

lovey dovey.gif

And I’ll be staring at the diamonds I already wear on my ring finger.

Muppets laughing
Paybacks are a bitch!!




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