This little Sassy Pants…..

…turns 4 today!! Happy Birthday my sassy little bug!! Nonna loves you SO much!!
Aubree and Nonna graduation
She was not born from under my daughter in laws heart. But from IN Bec and Brandon’s.

Aubree and Earn

Aubree’s mom was 16. Too into boys, wacky tabacky, and illegal things. My son and his wife (who already had 5 kids) took her in as a foster, fell in love with her like everyone does, and kept her. I am so glad they did.

Aubree and Jules sassy pants
Just look at that bright happy face!!!

I remember the night Nick died. My son left for a bit to go get her. She had just turned 1 year old. When he came back with her, her hair was a mess, face all red, tears rolling, snot rolling, clothes filthy, upset, clinging to Brandon like he was LIFE.


And now look at that face. That smiling, clean, happy go lucky little face that I love so much. Her sister, Jules, loves her to bits. She doesn’t understand that Aubs was adopted. She thought Mommy had her. They are bestest friends and do everything together. Jules is 14 months older than Aubs. My two little girls.

My heart swells….

Aubree and Brandon birthday
Her Daddy. My son. His birthday is today too. He’s over the moon that they share the day.  He is fiercely protective of her….of all his children (8 now….they adopted the twins! final soon!!)

As it should be.

Happy Birthday my loves……….


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