Remember the Step Saga? Added for River…..

Before…broken and heavingTS before

Not broken and step done.jpeg
Trip hazard:TS before 1

Still a bit of a trip hazard…but not so bad. There is a 2″? gap between the step and stoop. But I’ll find a good outdoor rug to put there….top step edge
I’m just happy it’s done.

Problem. He quoted me $500. Told me when it was done he was sending me a bill for $500. I get the bill and it’s $600.


I emailed him back and asked. Awaiting his answer.

They could have saved a crapton of time if they had put a tarp or something down instead of throwing all of this:FS concrete
…….in my lawn and having to re-pile it up. I’m not paying for that mistake. It was scattered another 3 or 4′ out past the edge of the top of this photo into my green lawn….


And for reference…..the $3,800 of which I speak would be break up, removal, re-pour of this entire piece. You can kind of get the size by the Crown Vic (aka cop car) sitting by it. I’m not doing the rest of it. Thinking of putting a wooden deck on over top of them instead. Probably half the price or less. Three steps from stoop to platform. 2 steps off platform to sidewalk (off to the right.) 2 steps off platform to the left too (not in photo)TS before 1

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12 thoughts on “Remember the Step Saga? Added for River…..

    1. If he had SAID it was $600 when he called for my email, I would have discussed it with him. He TOLD me $500 when he called to send the invoice. Then I get a $600 invoice. Uh uh…nope. Not how it works youngster.


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