Inquisitive minds want to know…..

Both here and Schmooze…..How did Outback Steakhouse work out last night…..

So………………..Remember how I told y’all about the gross salad I had there like 5 years ago. (Ok, just found the correct info. My son got married in 2013 so it was 6 years ago….)
No, that salad was inedible…..It had been frozen or their fridge was on the fritz.


I needed to pick up my parents car from the train station. But I needed a ride to the train station. Gary and I decided to meet for supper last night. Because…………Gary had a gift card to Outback  and he was afraid it would expire. (no expiration date on it so we’re good)….off we went.

Getting there about 4:45pm, the parking lot is almost empty. We were seated right away and Jack was there in an instant, and let me tell you, I have NEVER had a more adorable waiter…. He just made us BOTH smile.

great idea.gif

We looked at the menu and I decided on Parmesan Crusted Chicken breast with Tomato/basil compote….whatever compote is. But they had me at Tomato/Basil. The side was squash/carrots/broccoli. Yuck. No.

can you eat this.gif
What the HELL?? Why do ALL restaurants offer ONLY broccoli as their veggie? Or Cauliflower?? MANY of us cannot eat it. So after sticking my tongue out, Jack offered me a side salad instead. BINGO!! Works for me. But then I thought…..well crap…remember the LAST salad..

Gary got the Pork Porterhouse. Which was like ‘Is this pork or is it beef…?’Whatever it is, get it. OMG. I have NOT tasted pork so good in a LONG time. The size was like a 8 or 9oz, grilled to perfection with a crispy outside, unbelievably tender inside. Moist and juicy.
pork porter house

My Wood-fire grilled chicken breast topped with a Parmesan-Herb crust and a fresh tomato basil garnish… Just wow. Moist, tender, flavorful.

So the manager stopped by the table and asked how things were.

I looked him in the eye and said “Y’all redeemed yourselves tonight.” And I told him about the last experience I had 5 or 6 years ago. We chatted for awhile and then he asked if we were doing dessert because he was buying. Ok. So we ordered Carrot cake.


A little party in my mouth. YUM!!!

I’ll go back to Outback.


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11 thoughts on “Inquisitive minds want to know…..

  1. We used to have an Outback but it closed due to lack of customers. I think we went once and there was a reason we didn’t go back. Chains can be like that, some good some awful. Funny about the broccoli though, I’m a picky vegetable person and love to see it in restaurants!

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      1. I had one of their steaks on an earlier visit. That’s why I chose salad!! Didn’t think they could MESS THAT UP!!!


      2. You don’t have to beg……….I have 4 books of yours to have you autograph. One day I’ll get around to sending them to you….


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