…..Let’s give this a whirl….

Boo’s 5 for Friday…………

1)… For once, the storm last night did NOT take down a huge branch from one of my lovely trees. It took a small one, laid it in front of my car, then left. lol. That storm had people doing 30mph on the highway instead of 60. It was crazy pouring rain. I have no idea how much rain we got that we again, do not need.

2)… My 40th Class Reunion is Saturday night. Hope it’s fun. I need some fun. Gary is already preparing to drive home for me. LOL

3)… Lunch will be a challenge today. I have no idea what I want. I just know I want to sit at the beach to eat it. Ya. It was a salad by the river. It was ok.

4)… Today I am getting a ‘new to me’ A/C unit. The little one Nick and I paid $15 for in 2016 has been running non stop for several weeks and it’s getting tired. Poor thing.

5)… I’m struggling today. July 22nd was on a Friday 3 years ago. The 27th was a Wednesday. A memory pops up and whacks me between the eyes. Amazing how 6 days can mess one up in the head. Tomorrow I will probably be OK. Who knows? I just know I miss him. Still. Always.

Ok……IF you read this, leave me a one liner joke…..C’mon…you can googl…do it!!


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10 thoughts on “…..Let’s give this a whirl….

  1. I don’t know any one liners! Me and jokes never get on. Anyway, I googled:
    “Two fish in a tank. One says: ‘How do you drive this thing?’”
    Is that ok?

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  2. Ummm I only know pharmacy joke..why did the nursing home give male clients viagra? …..it’s so they don’t roll off their bed in the middle of the night 😂

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