No wonder my yard looks like a brush pile…

What this article does not state is TWO tornadoes touched down in my area. I don’t know where the second one was yet…..

GALE, Wis. (WKBT) – “It looked like a bomb went off. There are trees lying everywhere, power lines were down.”

It didn’t take long for Hans Reimer and his tree removal company to get calls to start clearing the storm damage that ran though Trempealeau County.

“My phone exploded. Literally as soon as the wind was blowing I was getting calls. You wouldn’t recognize this place on Saturday. The crews worked really hard to get the streets to stay open.”

Hans and his crew have a lot of work ahead of them.

“I’ve got at least five days of storm damage related work to do in this immediate area.”

But Hans isn’t clearing out trees alone.

“Couldn’t believe how fast the community came together and started. Chainsaws where flying, it was still raining and people were cleaning up already I was impressed.”

“Nobody was afraid to pitch in,” explained Co-Manager of Champions Riverside Campground in Galesville, Lisa Black.

Black saw the same sense of teamwork in cleaning up storm damage.

“We did it within our own staff, and everybody that came with chainsaws and rakes and helpers.”

There were concerns over the camp having to close down for the next few weekends.

“Everything is a setback, but we are responding to it well, so we’re not going to shut down at all.”

With damaged cornfields, tree lines, structures, and roads that still need clearing, those I talked to are happy that the town pitched in to help, but know that there’s still plenty to do.

“Gotta get back to work!” exclaimed Reimer.

This was near the elementary school my g’son goes to. That is 5 miles or so from my house. FAR too close.

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I know this doesn’t look like much. But it will take me another day to finish cleaning up. Gary did a bunch on Sunday. For ONCE I didn’t have an 8″ branch fall. Well unless you count that one still up in the tree. I don’t know how big that one is. And the one ‘in’ the pine tree? Has almost completely ruined that pine. I hope I can save it.

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