Boo’s 5 for Friday…..

1). The insurance company and I have agreed to do something about my car. Whether or not I get it fixed, I am still entitled to compensation for my loss. So I am taking the check but not fixing the hood. For now.

2). I took today off. Jegs needs a rabies shot. So I’ll give him a ride in the truck so he won’t be so mad about going to the V-E-T. Then Gary and I will head to BRF for a free night at the Casino and some gambling, swimming, good Mexican food…and relaxation.

3). hocus pocus I need coffee to focus! One day I hope to get off that stuff. It eats yer guts.

4). I’ve been reading back through blogs from 2012. And it hits me like a Monty Python Mackerel. All the signs for Nick’s illness were there. The weight loss, the UTI’s, the inability to eat. And it makes me sad all over again. But, not as sad as last year. I’m learning to cope.

5). It’s hot in my office. So we turn the air on. And it blows right on me so I put on my sweater. When the air shuts off, I take my sweater off my shoulder. It’s a no win situation….

So I got a few good jokes last week. This week? Tell me your favorite childhood memory in 2 sentences. Good luck!


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6 thoughts on “Boo’s 5 for Friday…..

  1. Long summers of youth, barefoot among the cattails along the Rio Grande, cherry Kool-Ade straight from the packet staining mouth. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to grow older … it couldn’t get better than this … that fall was the year I discovered girls …

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  2. Making what we hoped was a fantastic firework out of the contents of several others – in a glass jar! Having the good sense to partially bury it and blowing half of my friend’s dad’s vegetable patch into orbit.

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