I don’t want drugs…..

I took melatonin last night…About 7:30 or 8pm. I was in bed, lights off by 10pm, compared to almost 1am the night before. Jegs decided he needed to go out at 11pm. So I was up for a bit then, back to bed and crashed. I didn’t hear anything till the alarm at 6am.

Jegs is the black lab cross. He was 10 back on Valentine’s Day. Piper is the boxer/pit cross. She’s 7 but I don’t recall when they celebrate hers. I pick a holiday close. Otherwise I can’t remember. Sprint the cat is remembered on Memorial weekend. He just turned 7.

Jegs and Piper.jpeg
Sad how I am hoping this time will pass quickly. I’ve had things to do the last two years so memories do not weigh so heavily. This year? I’m cleaning and organizing my desk area. Boring and leave much too much time on my mind to think and remember.

Gary is coming to the house tonight so maybe that will help…..?

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13 thoughts on “I don’t want drugs…..

  1. Think and remember can be good things – and so can looking forward. You do great. Everyone needs sleep and sleep does make a whole lot of stuff better. PS I love tidying my desk. It takes about ten seconds before I get distracted, but, hey, you know, I tried… Keep on keeping on Boo.

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    1. It’s just this time of year for remembering. This was my first week alone in 23 years. Was scary then. Something you don’t really forget about….


      1. Nope. It’s too glib to say ‘I understand’ and I’m really not good at this stuff, but look at you. You do great. Forgetting’s not the point really, it’s coping. Trouble with coping is, you just think you’ve got the hang, when it kicks you on the arse. Sorry I talk crap sometimes…

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      2. No, you kind of hit the nail on the head. Learning to cope because you NEVER ‘get over’ this…I thought I was doing very well but this week? Been crying at the drop of a hat. He pops into my head at the oddest moments.


      3. Crying doesn’t mean you’re not doing well. Nothing wrong with that. Worry when he doesn’t pop into your head. You are coping and that’s the best that anyone can do.

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  2. Anniversaries are hard. Everything comes rushing back…
    They say time heals all wounds. I’m not sure that’s true, but it does give us space and distance from the pain.

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