…..Let’s give this a whirl….

Boo’s 5 for Friday…………

1)… For once, the storm last night did NOT take down a huge branch from one of my lovely trees. It took a small one, laid it in front of my car, then left. lol. That storm had people doing 30mph on the highway instead of 60. It was crazy pouring rain. I have no idea how much rain we got that we again, do not need.

2)… My 40th Class Reunion is Saturday night. Hope it’s fun. I need some fun. Gary is already preparing to drive home for me. LOL

3)… Lunch will be a challenge today. I have no idea what I want. I just know I want to sit at the beach to eat it. Ya. It was a salad by the river. It was ok.

4)… Today I am getting a ‘new to me’ A/C unit. The little one Nick and I paid $15 for in 2016 has been running non stop for several weeks and it’s getting tired. Poor thing.

5)… I’m struggling today. July 22nd was on a Friday 3 years ago. The 27th was a Wednesday. A memory pops up and whacks me between the eyes. Amazing how 6 days can mess one up in the head. Tomorrow I will probably be OK. Who knows? I just know I miss him. Still. Always.

Ok……IF you read this, leave me a one liner joke…..C’mon…you can googl…do it!!


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Inquisitive minds want to know…..

Both here and Schmooze…..How did Outback Steakhouse work out last night…..

So………………..Remember how I told y’all about the gross salad I had there like 5 years ago. (Ok, just found the correct info. My son got married in 2013 so it was 6 years ago….)
No, that salad was inedible…..It had been frozen or their fridge was on the fritz.


I needed to pick up my parents car from the train station. But I needed a ride to the train station. Gary and I decided to meet for supper last night. Because…………Gary had a gift card to Outback¬† and he was afraid it would expire. (no expiration date on it so we’re good)….off we went.

Getting there about 4:45pm, the parking lot is almost empty. We were seated right away and Jack was there in an instant, and let me tell you, I have NEVER had a more adorable waiter…. He just made us BOTH smile.

great idea.gif

We looked at the menu and I decided on Parmesan Crusted Chicken breast with Tomato/basil compote….whatever compote is. But they had me at Tomato/Basil. The side was squash/carrots/broccoli. Yuck. No.

can you eat this.gif
What the HELL?? Why do ALL restaurants offer ONLY broccoli as their veggie? Or Cauliflower?? MANY of us cannot eat it. So after sticking my tongue out, Jack offered me a side salad instead. BINGO!! Works for me. But then I thought…..well crap…remember the LAST salad..

Gary got the Pork Porterhouse. Which was like ‘Is this pork or is it beef…?’Whatever it is, get it. OMG. I have NOT tasted pork so good in a LONG time. The size was like a 8 or 9oz, grilled to perfection with a crispy outside, unbelievably tender inside. Moist and juicy.
pork porter house

My Wood-fire grilled chicken breast topped with a Parmesan-Herb crust and a fresh tomato basil garnish…..wow. Just wow. Moist, tender, flavorful.

So the manager stopped by the table and asked how things were.

I looked him in the eye and said “Y’all redeemed yourselves tonight.” And I told him about the last experience I had 5 or 6 years ago. We chatted for awhile and then he asked if we were doing dessert because he was buying. Ok. So we ordered Carrot cake.


A little party in my mouth. YUM!!!

I’ll go back to Outback.


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Tat I want to do….

Rebecca, Megann, Hannah, Juliana, Aubree, Andie, Willa will be ‘in the stem’.

Megann and Rebecca will be taller than the other 5. Probably 3″ stem. The other 5 will have a 1 1/2″ – 2″ stem. And gathered in a bouquet…..I have to get drawing this out.

Should I feel guilty I don’t want Hannah and Andie’s mom’s name on there?tat-arm.jpg

This is the other tat I want. I think it’s cute. I’ll put it on my right index finger so I can see it all the time. I think on this one I will incorporate Nick’s name in the stem of one of these flowers….

tat finger

What do y’all think?

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Remember the Step Saga? Added for River…..

Before…broken and heavingTS before

Not broken and heaving.top step done.jpeg
Trip hazard:TS before 1

Still a bit of a trip hazard…but not so bad. There is a 2″? gap between the step and stoop. But I’ll find a good outdoor rug to put there….top step edge
I’m just happy it’s done.

Problem. He quoted me $500. Told me when it was done he was sending me a bill for $500. I get the bill and it’s $600.


I emailed him back and asked. Awaiting his answer.

They could have saved a crapton of time if they had put a tarp or something down instead of throwing all of this:FS concrete
…….in my lawn and having to re-pile it up. I’m not paying for that mistake. It was scattered another 3 or 4′ out past the edge of the top of this photo into my green lawn….


And for reference…..the $3,800 of which I speak would be break up, removal, re-pour of this entire piece. You can kind of get the size by the Crown Vic (aka cop car) sitting by it. I’m not doing the rest of it. Thinking of putting a wooden deck on over top of them instead. Probably half the price or less. Three steps from stoop to platform. 2 steps off platform to sidewalk (off to the right.) 2 steps off platform to the left too (not in photo)TS before 1

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Well Crap………..

I forgot to write yesterday. Amazing. I guess I was just too busy trying to breathe.

The past week has been rough. Remembering everything.

Our Bittersweet Farewell Tour Bittersweet Farewell Tour

Cullan driving the truck, Cullan driving the ‘stang. Cullan gets to drive

Nick meeting Jack Rousch. Jack Rousch

Nick going to Falcon Nationals in Baraboo….I don’t have any photos or info on that other than he had a GREAT time. Larry so enjoyed having him with. Said he cheesed all day long.

Then he died. He’s gone

One day I’ll get through July and August intact….but until that day……? I have you all to lean on. Thank you for that.

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This little Sassy Pants…..

…turns 4 today!! Happy Birthday my sassy little bug!! Nonna loves you SO much!!
Aubree and Nonna graduation
She was not born from under my daughter in laws heart. But from IN Bec and Brandon’s.

Aubree and Earn

Aubree’s mom was 16. Too into boys, wacky tabacky, and illegal things. My son and his wife (who already had 5 kids) took her in as a foster, fell in love with her like everyone does, and kept her. I am so glad they did.

Aubree and Jules sassy pants
Just look at that bright happy face!!!

I remember the night Nick died. My son left for a bit to go get her. She had just turned 1 year old. When he came back with her, her hair was a mess, face all red, tears rolling, snot rolling, clothes filthy, upset, clinging to Brandon like he was LIFE.


And now look at that face. That smiling, clean, happy go lucky little face that I love so much. Her sister, Jules, loves her to bits. She doesn’t understand that Aubs was adopted. She thought Mommy had her. They are bestest friends and do everything together. Jules is 14 months older than Aubs. My two little girls.

My heart swells….

Aubree and Brandon birthday
Her Daddy. My son. His birthday is today too. He’s over the moon that they share the day.¬† He is fiercely protective of her….of all his children (8 now….they adopted the twins! final soon!!)

As it should be.

Happy Birthday my loves……….


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And the LAST fun tidbit from our vaca….

Apparently the rumor mill has been churning.

coke pepsi.png

And churning.

thailand flower 2.jpg

I was on Messenger with my friend Karla Tuesday.

She asks me to make sure she and her husband get an invite to mine and Gary’s wedding.

I’m like ” wait…………………………………WHAT?? ”

“I’m just saying if/when that happens.”

whew 3.gif

Today I get “Did you? lol


I know, just giving you some shit.

whew close one

So as I am working out on the screen porch Tuesday when Gary texts me and asks how it’s going.

So I tell him what Karla said.

He’s like “Well I have something to tell you.”

wait what 2.gif
He took Monday off too. Needed to mow lawn and he put the new fuel pump in my Mustang and did some other misc stuff.

So Tuesday when he gets back to work, as he is showing someone how to use a piece of equipment, three of his co-workers come up to him and say “We heard you got married yesterday.”
wait what.gif
He’s like ‘That’s news to me.’


But oh, wait till they see us together at a company function…………………

lovey dovey.gif

And I’ll be staring at the diamonds I already wear on my ring finger.

Muppets laughing
Paybacks are a bitch!!




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