Step Saga….

So remember my ugly dangerous top stoop? All cracked up and waiting for someone to trip and fall down my steps?

Not only cracked but on the right side of this 2nd photo…..heaved up a bit?

TS before
As of 6pm last night, it now looks like this.

FS top
….and I see why it cracked.

They have promised it done by Friday night. My steps and landing are covered in concrete dust. When I got home, this pile of concrete was strewn out into the lawn too. I said “I hope y’all put a tarp under that.” He thought I was speaking of the step. I said “No.” and my finger made a circle in the air over this pile. Next thing I know, there is this nice NEAT pile and all the chunks that were scattered in the lawn magically hopped on top of it.

I hope it rains one evening and washes everything off….Even my CAR has concrete dust on it.

FS concrete

We have to go in and out the screen porch so it’s a good thing THAT got done.

Things are coming together….To do the stoop, steps and landing would be $3,800. Um no. I’ll fix the top stoop for $500 and the new owner can decide what they want to do with the rest….

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Screen porch …… ?

So when I got home last night, I said That’s it. I’m done. I NEED to be out on my screen porch. I need to be out there enjoying my summer! Gary and I talked and next weekend is slated for screen replacement. I am done with bugs too.

SP before
So I got my daughter out there to fold up her stuff and take her clothes off the racks. I set them out in the rain so they could get washed off. We folded up the tarp/slip’n’slide. Moved everything to the other side of the porch and vacuumed. Threw away things off the bakers rack because THAT is going in the bonfire. Moved everything back to the OTHER side and vacuumed that. Set up my chairs, wiped down my table, dragged out a few more plants (yes I need more out there. It looks like a jungle haven when I am done.)

SP after
By the time I was done, my clothes stuck to me it was so humid/damp outside. I see I need to ‘trim’ my reed rug. When it finally got dark enough, I plugged in the lights and we had this. (photo is from last year tho).

Screen porch candle lit
Mentally I felt 300% better. Now I can go eat out there, sit out there, read out there, ENJOY out there.


My firepit is overflowing.


No. I didn’t take a photo. Just come to the bonfire and see.

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Oh … a joy for sore eyes…..

Gary and I pulled into the parking lot of our Motel in Peoria. You have to drive thru the casino’s lot before you get to the Hotel’s lot….


…….lo and behold…….

…..what should be parked there….


I miss my car. Gary, sweetheart that he is, install the fuel pump for me on Monday. I’ll be driving both the ‘stang and the truck this weekend.

I’ll get my gas/oil/antifreeze sniffin’ done by Sunday afternoon and be happy again….LOL!!

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…….and the trip home…..

Grandpa Gary and I went to see the baby one more time before we headed north. He was so reluctant to go and yet we needed to get home too. I had to work Monday. G’pa didn’t.

I actually planned the route home and hmmmmmmmmmmmm it went much faster! lol…..

I don’t know how many of you remember me posting this, my favorite photo of me. Even I think I look good…………..LOL!

I do like that smile……..

Anyway, I met up with the woman that took this photo when we stopped for the night in Peoria, IL. She doesn’t live there. We just met there.

Boo with iron birdThis photo was taken in 2003 in WI Dells, WI.

This is my friend Sheila who took that photo. I haven’t seen her since that day back 16 years ago. We have both changed a bit. But it felt like just yesterday since the last time we met….

Sheila and I
Turns out it was her birthday so she was excited to spend it with Gary and me. We did Texas Roadhouse and for the FIRST time, the music was NOT so loud and we actually had a conversation!! Her fiance and Gary chatted as Gary was a farmer and Jarrod works  in the farming support industry. So Sheila and I just chatted away. It was very nice.

Well, they screwed up the hotel reservation at the Hampton Inn. But that’s ok. Because they upgraded us to a KING SUITE. And dropped the price to below $100 for the night.  OMG……..The comforter alone was worth it. It was SO nice. The bed was comfy and we slept well…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How they ended up giving two people the same confirmation #, we’ll never know…..and if I hadn’t noticed Gary’s VISA card when she asked Gerald if he wanted to keep it on the MasterCard…….Anyway….we enjoyed the room………………

The next morning, Gary  said “Come on. We are walking to the Casino.” I’m like just give them the money at the door and save yourself some time. I am a jinx when it comes to casinos and slot machines. But he insisted so we walked over. He put $50 and we started playing the My Cousin Vinny machine. We kept hitting enough to stay between $20 and $40. Then we hit the wheel. 3 times. Won $12 and $15. The third time? We landed on Vinny. And cashed out $151.44! Wow! First time !!!

Gotta run. Concrete guy is at my house!! more tomorrow!

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I am back to the blogging world….I think

I know, I was gone for a while. Ooops! Maybe y’all didn’t know that as I had scheduled some blogs so no one would forget me. (like you could, right??)

miss me im back
Nashville was good.

We left around noon on Wednesday, meandered….(and I mean meandered…I’ll map the route next time………………) down to Davenport to a casino there. OMG! I should have gotten a photo of the shower. You could fit a dozen people in it!! The wall to the right is a big sheet of glass. The controls were on the wall opposite the shower head. It was ROCKIN’ and cool!!shower

Thursday morning we woke up and headed out. Nashville was to be another 8 hours. It was over 9 due to road construction and people not understanding 55 is 55 miles per hour. Not 50 or even at times 45mph. So we got stuck behind some putzers and even 80mph didn’t catch us up.

We got to Nashville about 6pm, checked into ANOTHER awesome hotel room. Ok he can make hotel reservations. I’ll navigate maps. The bed was to die for. So comfortable. I slept well. *wink*

miss me
New tiny bug is so tiny! Grandpa Gary’s hand looks so BIG next to hers! Such a sweet little thing tho. We had a great time cuddling. She HATES having her diaper changed tho! OMG what a set of LUNGS for one so tiny!! And she makes my Willa look BIG!

selahselah hand
The temp was 90* with a heat index making it feel like 99*. It was toasty. But the motel’s pool? OMG. I could have spent every day in it.

I met a little 5 year old from East Texas staying with her Mommy and Daddy for work. “Are you learning how to swim?” She asked me? I said “Honey? I’ve been swimming for like 50 years.” I thought her jaw was going to drop to the bottom of the pool! lol…she was such a sweetie …

Several other highlights was getting to see my Bittersweety at Chuys in the Opry Mills Mall next to the Grand Ol Opry. We met in Multiply. When that went down, we just stayed in touch via text and email. So when the chance came up to be in her area, well damn….we HAD to get together!! And Chuys is some of the BEST Mexican I have eaten ever. If you get to Nashville? GO!
Tracy and I.jpeg
I have missed her so much! She is a fun, funny, joy to spend time with.  I could have sat there for 6 more hours but we had a pool to get to in that heat and she had shoes to find for her daughter. LOL

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the trip home. ANOTHER nice reunion with a friend……

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OK! OK. I know it’s Tuesday!

And that I didn’t write yesterday.

I was processing.

sad kitten
Remember my uncle in Hospice up nort’? He’s doing better. MUCH better. Yay!

His daughter? Not so much.

She was taking her mom to see her dad when she was involved in a car accident. No one was hurt. And they don’t know the order of things but here’s a recap as I know it so far.thinking sad dog
“She was driving her Mom to the VA Hospice to see her Dad. They had stopped in town to pick up a phone card for her Dad, and the aneurysm apparently happened when they were stopped at a light. She rolled into the intersection and had a minor crash. Her Mom (age 97) wasn’t hurt. Luckily there was an EMT team nearby who stopped at the accident. They found her unresponsive, sedated her, put her on a ventilator, and took her to the Hospital. Lots of blood where is shouldn’t be in her head.” Later I read on Caringbridge that a policeman was also there. Quick response that probably saved her life.

Doctors say it will be a marathon, not a sprint, for her to heal and get better. She is responsive, trying to move sit up and is moving all her limbs. She will squeeze the doc/nurse hand in response to questions. Until she fully awakens we won’t know anymore.

Some of you may remember….a year ago July 4th my brother died. He was 22 months older than me. I have not yet lost it over this. That worries me sometimes.

Also, Yesterday (Mon) was the funeral of Glen. Mom and Dad’s next door neighbor for umpteen years. Good memories playing with their 4 kids.

People I grew up with, my parents generation, people who have been important to me all my life, are dying.

One by one.

thinking good boy


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