Five for Friday…..

Well, it’s been awhile since I did one of these….

1.) I am taking off early today. New gas tank is in the back seat of the ’65 and my friend will install it for me. Considering the place in Winona wanted $600 to do it and I got the tank for $144…………it’s a no brainer.

2.) Willa. My lovely 7 1/2 month old granddaughter. Such a joy. Such a beauty. Such a wonderful smile. Such a set of lungs. OMG! She is LOUD! Loves to scream! And it needs to STOP!!
Willa snuggles.jpeg

3.) Jegs. My beloved dog. Nick’s dog. Misses me so much when I am gone he is beside himself whimpering “I MISSED you Mom!!” when I get back. Every day he greets me like I’ve been gone for a week. In this photo he has gone camping with me. He’s such a great dog. Never runs off.
Jegs sleeping

4.) Then there is Sprint. I weighed him this morning. 21lbs. No wonder I have a trail of paw sized black and blue marks up my body. I have a king size bed. He walks up my body instead of the bed. The silly moose. But he is so loving for a cat. Almost scary wondering if he is lulling me into a false sense of security…….
Sprint 2014

5.) FNG aka Chad is making some kind of bacon wrapped fettuccine alfredo sauce thingy for lunch today. I have no idea. Dump enough parm on anything and it’s good. He got me at Bacon tho.

So as Ghost says……’Leave a quarter on the back of the toilet when you are done and wave as you walk out the door’………or something to that effect………Have a great weekend!!

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Why is it some days I can think about him and I’m just fine. In fact most days I do OK now. I make it through the day, I don’t leak, I can talk about him with someone who asks, and I’m fine. I breathe, I talk and I do OK.

I'm fine
This morning, I’m driving into town and I look at his photo I have at the top left corner of my windshield. It’s tucked in the molding and it cannot fly away when I open the door of my car.
I looked at this photo. And suddenly, all I can see is us in the doctor’s office hearing the news, looking at each other, holding hands like we are holding on to each other for dear life, the chemo treatments, the radiation treatments, holding him on the sofa, me sitting in my living room, looking at the big window, with him in the bed………….the funeral.
last one.jpg
…….and later after that bed was torn down and taken back to the hospice care unit. Me, standing in that spot screaming because the images would not leave my head. Just as they are doing today. I couldn’t breathe, the tears started to flow, the pain in my heart made it want to burst…………

Nicks headstone

At least today I am not screaming.

Must be an improvement.

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MONA!!!! The answer for you!!


Look carefully at the rear wheels……

You all do know those stupid little donut tires they provide with cars (I don’t think they do anymore since they are so dangerous) are only good for 50 miles at 50 mph right???

You do know that…..Or at least now you do.

This idiot was doing 70MPH on the interstate with this DONUT on.

50 miles at 50MPH is all this tire is designed to do. To get you to a repair shop ONLY, or you are a dangerous accident waiting to take out all the drivers around you. YOU would be at fault for an accident.

I was livid when I saw this. To top it off, she could keep this car in her lane! When she turned a corner, the driver side of this car is ALL DENTED UP!

Honestly now. How many of you knew this? How many of you have driven on this tire? How many of you have driven on this tire as it was designed to do??

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Thursday Thoughts of Three……

Thurs what do you mean


Thurs worse when you realize its thursday

However, I am taking Friday afternoon off. It’s Glad Days and Gary and I are going…


I’m thinking shots will be a good idea.

I may get to meet Lynn this weekend. She was a good friend of Gary’s late wife and feels he should GIVE her the building that Laura had her business in. Just ‘give’ it to her.



She can put a bid in just like the rest of them will need to.

So many people bugged Gary about that building he stopped going to church to get relief from it. Does that tell you how bad they were????


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