I AM productive Jim!

This is my screen porch. Between the weather and that damn cat, all the screens on these two sides were ripped, torn, and did nothing to keep the bugs out.

screen porch remodel 1So I had my son in law set up the scaffolding a couple months ago it seems. Gary and I put the boards on and started tearing into this on Friday after work. We got all the slats and screen off. Here I am trying to pull out nails that pulled through the slats. So I have to go to Menard’s and buy new slats and paint them.screen porch remodel 2
Here I am using my favorite jackknife to pull out the staples. When Nick and I re-did this screening in 2007, we pulled HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of staples out. This time I’ll only have a hundred or so. I really should paint the frames again and I just don’t have the ambition to do it. Anyone want to help?

It’s almost the end of August and I have yet to sit out here and have breakfast. Usually by now, I’ve been out there every weekend.
Screen porch candle lit

I haven’t had a bonfire yet either.

I am REALLY slipping!!

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19 thoughts on “I AM productive Jim!

      1. I’m just going to put the pet screen around, staple and slat it and the next owner can fix it in 15 years. lol…….Making individual screens for each opening would cost too much and take forever. I’d have to hire it done. But it’s a thought…


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