The screen porch remodel continues……

This is my least favorite PITA area by my screen porch. I have decided to use up all my red brick and lay a ‘patio’ area for my grills to set on. I’m going from the front corner post (by spade) and making it rectangluar. I’m thinking of using the broken brick I have and making it a rounded corner.screen porch remodel continues a
Just another photo of the ‘mess.’

screen porch remodel continues
I have my front edge dug here. I pulled crab grass roots and Creepy Charlie till I was blue in the face. Yes, I’ll be cutting/digging out the berry bush too. Some of the brick is stacked under the stairs.

screen porch remodel continues 1
I’ve sloped it away from the house. Broke up the big chunks of soil. Then I dug a trench along that front edge. I will lay a row of brick level with the lawn so I can just run the mower around it without having to figure out if my weed whacker works. I did the same with my fire pit. No trimming needed.

screen porch remodel continues 2
I had bought 3 packages of landscape fabric. I just laid one out last night and weighted it down to see the size. I cannot believe the piece is a perfect size. I’ll be doubling it up tho.

screen porch remodel continues 3

And I have a crapton of sand I took from the basement stairs… (I’ll find a photo later. I think it is on the home computer.) I took 17 wheel barrel loads out of the stairwell so we could use it. I saved 6 or 8 pails of it to use for this. I’m sure it won’t be enough but I know where to get more. I have all the brick left from the back door remodel (see below) and I can kill two birds back door walls and doors.jpg
with one stone. That pile gets cleaned up too!!! lol

Damn I’ll be so happy when all this gets done!!!

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16 thoughts on “The screen porch remodel continues……

      1. Sadly, shrimps over here are tiddly little things – like aquatic woodlice – that would drop through the bars of the grill. Mind you, after a few beers, I’m sure we’d find a way…

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  1. A lot of work…. but it will look good I’m sure.
    I always brick (or stone) line my beds thinking I won’t have to weed whack. Then we have a winter or two….the bricks (and/or stones) heave and sink and I’m weed whacking again.
    Damn winters.

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    1. I have 4 huge cement pieces too. If they fit? Those will be buried as my edges…..I’ll have to do some ciphering and measuring and guesssing….


  2. the problem that I have with using a base is that it absorbs water and then freezes when it’s that time of year again and then you get heaving. check around and see if someone sells a finer course of aggregate that you can use as a base so water passes thru. you can get the sand and cement mix that you pour over the bricks and then sweep it in to fill all of the cracks. then you just wet with a hose. mix up those full bricks with broken ones to get a real unique pattern.

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