MONA!!!! The answer for you!!


Look carefully at the rear wheels……

You all do know those stupid little donut tires they provide with cars (I don’t think they do anymore since they are so dangerous) are only good for 50 miles at 50 mph right???

You do know that…..Or at least now you do.

This idiot was doing 70MPH on the interstate with this DONUT on.

50 miles at 50MPH is all this tire is designed to do. To get you to a repair shop ONLY, or you are a dangerous accident waiting to take out all the drivers around you. YOU would be at fault for an accident.

I was livid when I saw this. To top it off, she could keep this car in her lane! When she turned a corner, the driver side of this car is ALL DENTED UP!

Honestly now. How many of you knew this? How many of you have driven on this tire? How many of you have driven on this tire as it was designed to do??

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11 thoughts on “MONA!!!! The answer for you!!

  1. Boo,
    Well, now that you mention it…I see what you mean. However, there’s no way I could tell how fast this person was going or how far this tire had been driven on. But, yeah, you’re 100 percent right…she needs to get a new tire asap! Thanks for letting us know so we can all breathe again. I’m with River about the donuts. ~ M

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