Five for Friday…..

Well, it’s been awhile since I did one of these….

1.) I am taking off early today. New gas tank is in the back seat of the ’65 and my friend will install it for me. Considering the place in Winona wanted $600 to do it and I got the tank for $144…………it’s a no brainer.

2.) Willa. My lovely 7 1/2 month old granddaughter. Such a joy. Such a beauty. Such a wonderful smile. Such a set of lungs. OMG! She is LOUD! Loves to scream! And it needs to STOP!!
Willa snuggles.jpeg

3.) Jegs. My beloved dog. Nick’s dog. Misses me so much when I am gone he is beside himself whimpering “I MISSED you Mom!!” when I get back. Every day he greets me like I’ve been gone for a week. In this photo he has gone camping with me. He’s such a great dog. Never runs off.
Jegs sleeping

4.) Then there is Sprint. I weighed him this morning. 21lbs. No wonder I have a trail of paw sized black and blue marks up my body. I have a king size bed. He walks up my body instead of the bed. The silly moose. But he is so loving for a cat. Almost scary wondering if he is lulling me into a false sense of security…….
Sprint 2014

5.) FNG aka Chad is making some kind of bacon wrapped fettuccine alfredo sauce thingy for lunch today. I have no idea. Dump enough parm on anything and it’s good. He got me at Bacon tho.

So as Ghost says……’Leave a quarter on the back of the toilet when you are done and wave as you walk out the door’………or something to that effect………Have a great weekend!!

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