Gary and Sue 81019
OK we were behaving…..for the most part. lol

It was a good time on Saturday. The weather held off so we could be outside. It was such fun, two of his sisters, his mother, aunt, uncle, daughter and boyfriend and my daughter with 3 children (including baby Willa) were all there.

Sherrie and Willa.jpeg
Willa was in the BEST mood too. She was laughing and giggling and having a grand time. So was Gary’s daughter. She snitched her from everyone. Francis was just loving spending time with Willa. And Willa just loved her. That was so nice. Francis was practicing for her niece in Nashville this coming weekend. lol…

I can’t wait to do another party. Hoping one day to have all 4 of his sisters there and all 5 of his kids. THAT would be a party!!

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Well Happy Anniversary to ME…

6 years on WordPress. .

whodathunkit 1.jpg

First of all….thank you to all of you who listen to my blatherings. I like that you read me…..I started doing it mostly to get thoughts out of my head. They were like a train on a round track going around and around and around….well you get the idea….and I got NO where trying to heal. Listening to y’all with your advise and experiences …. has helped me put many things in perspective.

I can love again. I can have a new relationship. I can do whatever the hell I want. Itzamazing!

And most importantly? I can still love him. I can still miss him and I can want him here with me for as long as I want to.

Nick and Sue benefit

…and I will.

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I feel a hangover coming on…..

Capt Rum
Gary’s sister is coming in from the Milwaukee area. His daughter is coming in from the Madison area.


Taco bar and appetizers. I have to stop for groceries tomorrow night. I enjoy putting on these parties. I like to cook…..I just have to  figure out what I want for appetizers!appetizers.jpeg
I LOVED this one from back when….And since we are doing ‘Mexican’ I think this, and my homemade salsa is perfect. What do y’all think?
This stuff is so good…..

I’ll let y’all know…..in pictures…..lol


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What is going ON today?

I’m just feeling down. I need to mow lawn when I get home. I slept through my 6am alarm today. Why am I feeling so damn frustrated and irritable….get a grip.jpg
Don’t go there…

Gary and I are fine. Although because I’m not, little things he unknowingly does, irritate the piss outta me the last few weeks.

It may be because I’m not going to Italy this year. I usually fly out Aug 8th. Ya. That’s gotta be it. I’ll be using THAT excuse.

Matteo and I have been chatting again after the long silence of FINALS! He passed with flying colors as usual (That’s my boy!). I really miss that young man………

Marghe needs to come visit as does Earn. I miss my foreign children. *sigh*

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Tues is Mon ugly sister
I hauled ass home last night because we were to get 70mph winds and bad storms. My Mustang was under the one Maple that likes to shit sticks and branches during that type of weather.

We got rain.

And not even HARD rain.

Just rain.

North of us by an hour or so they had apple size hail.

An hour south of us, Val had an uprooted tree.

We got rain.

Just rain.

Finally….I don’t have to spend 2 days cleaning up my yard.

Sending prayers to those that did get hit tho………………..dayum.


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Yes, he did a good job of surprising me….

You won’t get all the details because well , yanno….TMI

TMI.jpg    tmi
We had a nice Friday night of……………what did we do Friday …….? Oh! I took half a day off, set up an appointment for this Friday to figure out the gas smell in my Mustang, then Gary’s mom took us out for supper. It was a fun evening that ended when I encouraged her to shotgun the rest of her beer and the guy at the table next to us saying he wanted to watch that! LOL….it was a good time….

Back to Gary’s for some R&R. Last week was rough and I just needed to not think. So we didn’t.

Saturday morning , he let me sleep in. There is a 9am wake up time!!! He was outside doing yard work so I joined him, we got caught up a bit. Then showers and off to Rochester to putz around as he said at 4pm we were meeting up wi……oops…hmmmmmm ok……?

Went to Goodwill and found some good stuff. Including a Wagner cast iron fry pan for $14.99! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! A little seasoning and she’ll be ready to join the Lodge pan!! Found a couple things for the g’son and hopefully meeting up with him next Friday for him to get this stuff…

At 4pm, he drove to the Mexican place we like up there and we got a table….I’m still waiting to hear who we are meeting when in walks the sister and her hubby I haven’t met yet. It was a wonderful 2 hours.

He had more in store for me. He started driving north. Suddenly it dawned on me we are going to Treasure Island. We have been hitting casinos lately and it’s been fun. We dropped about $150 on Saturday night. It was a good time. Came out with $9.38 and bought ice cream for $9. LOL….

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and it was pretty good. As we were walking out, Gary says “I have $25. Let’s play till it’s gone.” (I’m thinking that will be a fun 5 minutes) We actually played for almost 20 minutes and walked out with $150. So we pretty much broke even. It was entertaining. I’m sure we’ll go again sometime….

Holding her own bottle…………..

Wandered our way home, picked up my ‘stang from his house, went to my house, babysat the two little bugs so Mommy and Daddy could have a Mr & Mrs evening for supper and visit with friends. They enjoyed it. We had fun with the kids.

willa sleeping 8419
Crabby finally took a 30 minute power nap that didn’t help…..lol

I have nothing going on this week until Friday night when we need to grocery shop for the Taco Bar we are doing for a party Saturday night. His sister Sherrie is heading this way from the Milwaukee area.

I can’t wait. She’s a HOOT!

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Boo’s Friday Five

1). This week I finally got my desk at home cleared off. I am a happy camper. Yes. This is cleaned off. Usually it’s 3′ deep in envelopes and recyclable paper and bank statements (14 different ones each month) To the right of my desk gets tackled next.


2). Happy Anniversary to any of you out there celebrating this month. Congratulations on how many years of love?

anniversary-right-here-funny-memes bob ross.jpg

3).  I’ve been going through old emails/blogs/photos. And yes, I know that is why I struggled these last couple of weeks to make it through a day. Gary in my life helps but he’s not with me every day. And I don’t have a trip to Europe to look forward to either so my mind is not on trip details. God I miss him.

4). Granddaughter has discovered her feet. If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face……willa feet 2
I bought her Minnie Mouse socks. She tried to eat them so we took them off.
willa feet 1

5). Gary is surprising me Saturday night. I told him to. I didn’t care where we go just as long as we go. He’s all excited. I’ll let ya know Monday. lol







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