What I did on MY vacation

………..aka Labor Day weekend.

Unfortunately I did not get a photo of all the stuff we did to Gary’s garden. Just one section of it. If you look through the hole of the hanging planter, you can see some of the rest of the weed pulling we did. All the way around to the back so he can see where the rock is when he mows now and it looks so much better. He also planted a tree I brought him from my house. We got a lot done there too…

It looks so much better. The tall stuff toward the back of the done photo? Comes out next weekend. I have a huge pot to put there.

But my house? I had to document because y’all keep asking! lol.

So remember this ugly spot by my screen porch stairs I needed to make into a grill patio?screen porch remodel continues a

grill patio
All that is left is to let the brick settle then sweep the sand in the spaces. Oh, and put the damn grills on it. I also need to re-screen the patio door and repaint the damn steps. (see next photo) I have that rough strip to put on the front edge of each step so people don’t slip.screen porch steps
You can see the grill patio to the right of the stairs there. The next project is to rip out this flower bed, level that part of the lawn off, and lay flagstone down to the fire pit. You can see just a BIT of the fire pit overflow in the top right of the photo. So ya, it’s gonna be a BIG ass project. My son will help when I hire a bobcat to do the leveling……

A few years ago I started pulling it all out. The bottom step was about a foot wide, and you had to do an immediate right turn or stub your toes on the brick border of the flower bed. Why they made it so narrow is beyond me. It’s not like there was no room to expand it.

I took that short brick wall out and laid flagstone. But it has settled and slopes toward the house. I want to rip all that out and put the big stone that I got from Dad’s barn foundation as that bottom step. I need to remove the rest of the brick around that garden, dig out the hostas, burn that God Awful snow on the mountain, transplant the tree, move the day lilies…..OK, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

We also got all the screen on the porch. All that is left there is to put the lath on the uprights and the cross supports to hold the screen better. It’s all stapled but the lath helps support it better. I jumped for joy when this much got done because I can start putting the screen porch back together so we can have a MEAL out there!
Screen porch candle litI cannot believe it is September and we have not had a breakfast out there yet! I am really slipping!

Y’all are invited to join me!!

And the last thing I have photographic evidence of?

There is a program called Garage Squad. Apparently if you write your story, they’ll restore your car. Nick’s 1969 Mach 1 would make a perfect story wouldn’t it? In his memory? Keep your fingers crossed that I can write the right story and that a dear friend can tweak it for me. He will get a long ride in her when it’s all done……And IF I get picked? I’ll have no idea how to Thank him……………..

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Have a wonderful evening!!

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