I saw the most amazing thing Sunday….

Coming back to my house from Gary’s, we were driving through Winona when a low flying crow caught my eye. Then a rabbit STREAKED across the street in front of my car.

Suddenly, the crow dropped something. Yet the rabbit kept heading for the crow. Jumping in the air to try and get the bird.

Here it had dropped a tiny baby rabbit.


The Crow kept trying to get the baby. The Momma kept trying to get the crow.

Then the damn light turned green.

I don’t know how this story ended.poof


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11 thoughts on “I saw the most amazing thing Sunday….

  1. Well I hope the mama got the baby and not the crow!!! On my way out to the beach I saw two otters playing on the side of the road. I stopped to get a picture but they ran off into the marsh and I did not see them after that. I have never seen otters out there before so I missed a good photo op 😦

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  2. I hope mama bunny got her baby back! Something similar happened to my brother who has a pet pigeon. A hawk was flying overhead when my brother and his pigeon were outside working on his truck. He’s lucky because he turned just in time to see the hawk grab hold of his pigeon. My brother grabbed for the hawk, and the hawk flew off but he did let go of the pigeon. His pigeon flew straight back to the safety of his house. So close. Anyway, my brother is wary of hawks now and so is his bird, Peeps. Mona

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