Ok, Who’s the bastard……..

……………that licked my paperwork while sporting a cold????

cold 2.jpg

God I hate summer colds. At least when it’s cold and snowy out you KNOW you are gonna feel crappy.

Dorian is here.jpeg
I was wrong yesterday. Dorian may have teased us Tuesday but today we are under watches. Up to 60mph winds, lightening that knocks out power, hail, torrential rains, flooding. Not anywhere near what the south got, but we do see the aftermath on occasion.

I put the Mustang in the garage as the hail arrived in Winona. My luck it would grow bigger when it got to my house…..

And a couple photos to make you smile. Apparently she likes pasta. Could NOT shovel it in fast enough. Look at that face………..*sigh*


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