I spose I should write today….

Still fighting a cold.

I have a new font since I rebooted my computer. Also lost all my damn bookmarks for all the companies I order online from. Yay. That’s special.

Gary and I are going Glamping tonight. Our friends bought a worn out park model home and redid it. OMG it is SO nice. We’ve been invited to stay over tonight. So I’m leaving work at 2:30 and away we go.

I have a stiff neck. Not happy about it. I need a good massage.

My phone is charging sooooooooooooooo slowly today. I don’t have the right cord. It’s at home in my car. *sigh* 30% and it’s been charging since 9am. It’s now 1:40pm.


It’s downright freezing here at a chilly 64*. Wow. Back to the mid 80’s mid next week. Yay. No wonder I have a cold. It has NOTHING to do with my Birkenstock sandals and the fact that I wear them till about Nov 1. Oh hush.

Well I spose I should finish up my orders and get ready to leave. Hope he’s driving the Mustang today. LOVE that car.


She burbles so nicely……………….LOL!!!

Have a great weekend y’all!!



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