Class Reunion….

Guess it’s been a bit since I wrote last. I’m doing OK. Gary’s doing good and looking forward to going back to work on Monday if the doc says it’s OK.

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Gary’s class reunion went well. We had a great time. I didn’t get any photos of Friday night. But Saturday they met at Farmer’s Park near The Arches. It’s a beautiful park! If you can zoom in on the bridge you will see it was built in 1882. And it is still in use. LOVE how the greenery is growing on the side of that bridge. Reminds me of Italy. The little stream was so pretty. This area was hard hit in  2007 when we had our major flooding. It has come back nicely.

Tonight my bathroom is getting an overhaul. I’m tired of it. Slats are all painted to finish screen porch, cleaned out my dining room window last night. I need to revamp my coffee station and move some shit there.

Feeling good about what is getting done because it’s time to start battening down the hatches for Winter. 51*F balmy degrees this morning.

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