My Friday 5….

1) 3 piles of bullshit to wade through today and no desire to do so. I don’t like lies especially when they are told about me. “If you want to bring something to munch on, make it your favorite finger food. Keeping it simple. Providing napkins and cups with the bonfire as the dishwasher.”  How is that asking people to bring their own plates and silverware?

2) Having an incredibly rough day. One asshat still going behind me and doing the same thing I’m doing. Making my efforts moot. I have NO idea why I am doing this job when he is doing the same thing. If you want me to do this? Then leave me to it. Don’t go behind me and make it look like I’m a moron. Thank you very much.

3) Have a person undermining the integrity of a group I am part of. Doing things that look like a conflict of interest, making it look like some people do not have any faith in the director who has done this job for umpteen years. I don’t like underhanded sneaky shit.

4) I already told Gary I wouldn’t be good company this weekend. I haven’t been in this shitty a mood in a LONG ass time. So he’s going to ply me with booze. LOL….wonder if it will help…..anyone wanna place bets??

5) COVEPOINTLODGE.COM looks like a gorgeous place….But holy buckets! The ‘cottage’ I like is $379/night! Ow. But it’s so GORGEOUS per the photos!!!

Y’all have a special weekend. I’m just gonna try to survive……………


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