Friday Five Again???

Wow…the weeks go by faster than I like!

1) I made it through this week intact. Some of the BS going on has subsided. Which is good. Because if I had gotten this nasty cold (Thanks Willa!) last week? I would have taken some mental health days. I was overwhelmed with grief and bs and crap and bewilderment that people can be that insensitive and stupid. Their ‘selfishness’ is showing and it will be detrimental to that group if things don’t change.

2) I have no control over when things will slam into me. Grief is like that. Sometimes a song, or a place or even a word will trigger. I was doing fine until these other 3 piles of BS happened. All at the same time. Sometimes things get piled on too much and it’s hard to handle. I miss Nick. That fact will stay with me forever. Gary is a good man and because of him, it’s easier to deal with things together.

3) My son and his wife are adopting J and T. 8 kids. Wow. How fun! Each one is loved in their own way. It’s fun to see how B and B handle all the chaos. Wonder how many more they’ll take in. It’s sad to see that the parents do not want these children. My son and his wife have huge hearts. I’m glad of that. They make me proud.

4) I have a craft fair tomorrow. I haven’t done one in a couple years. I need to pull out some Pchef to put out too. I need my closet back! I’m also taking scarves and baby blankets/lap robes. Here’s hoping!

5) I’m leaving you with some shots of my sunrises. Love the one that looks like cotton candy.  The one this morning was amazing. And of course this worthless phone missed it. When I leave town, I head towards a pass(Decorah Peak) The light was in the pass and not up over the tops of the hills on each side. It was stunning. And this effing phone……grrrrrrrr

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So tell me of your sunrise this morning and have a warm, wonderful, fun filled kind of day………..

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8 thoughts on “Friday Five Again???

  1. I’m sorry you are experiencing the grief again, but I know you will get through it, at least till the next time. It takes special people to take in and love someone else’s children as their own. Good for yours son and his wife ! ❤ I can't really see the sunrise from my house because of the trees , but I don't think there was a visible one because it was cloudy this morning. Once it gets cooler I will go down to the park in the mornings to walk and watch the sunrise so I will get some pictures then. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

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    1. I will experience that grief for the rest of my life. Just shows how much love we had for each other. But it’s going into it’s own little memory compartment to be taken out when I need it. I just had too much stuff pile on last week and one just throws one’s hands up in the air and let’s the day win one. I’m back to myself again. Just takes a bit. I’m good.

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