Potty humor?

A reminder of a story….

I read this over on Kat’s blog and reminded me of a story I don’t think I’ve told y’all about.

I used to listen to Country Radio. Ya. Back when Country was country and it was good to listen to. I played a song backwards once and I found my truck, my old boyfriend came back and it stopped raining. (some of you will get that………….)

Anyway. The radio station I used to listen to did caller polls. I won tickets to Gallagher once for being the umpteenth caller. YA! Awesome concert.

Anyway again….John ( I can’t remember his last name) and (not her real name) Jaclyn Daniels (I’ll wait for it……..tap tap tap…………..did you get THAT one? She’s from Tennessee…..?)were the hosts of the morning show.

One morning they did this caller poll:

When in a public restroom, do you Sit? or Hover?


100% of the women that called in said they hovered.

Of course I had to call after listening for a few minutes.

“Radio station letters and numbers! Thanks for calling! Will you answer the poll of When using a public bathroom……do you sit or do you hover?”


I sit.


Well , I was listening to all the ones that called before me say they hover….So I sit! Because no one else does. Seat must be clean!!


They lost it…


I still chuckle………………..


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