As I sit here….

survey 2

…doing yet another survey, I again click “widow” as my marital status.

I’ve been pondering this for a while now.

How long do I keep clicking that?

Till I get married again? (like THAT’S gonna happen)

Till I die? (Well THAT will happen)

Why can’t they just add ‘in a relationship’ to that list so I feel like I have a choice?

survrey 1

This year the anniversary of Nick’s diagnosis hit me. But then I had all that other crap happening to make my mental stability a bit wobbly. The wobbly bits didn’t last very long time time so I know I am doing better.

I have a friend who lost her G’ma and her mom within a month. The thought of losing either of my parents? Just drops me to my knees.  My generation grew up somehow believing our parents generation was immortal or something. Now, with the death of my uncle, half of them are now gone.

I can’t wrap my head around it yet. Uncle Carl and Aunt Eunice, Aunt Della (Uncle Lee is 90 or 91), now Uncle Bert (Aunt Ruthie is 97) and my parents who are 87 and 84. In less than 10 years, all of them could be gone.


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17 thoughts on “As I sit here….

  1. I lost both of my parents to cancer. They were in their seventies Much too young. Getting used to being an ‘orphan’ is just odd. We are none of us immortal (although I certainly hope to buck that particular trend). As roughwighting (above) says – enjoy all of your loved ones while they’re here.

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  2. Cherish your parents while you have them. Ask them all those questions I was too young to ask my father and never got around to asking my mother. Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures…. trust me, you’ll never have enough after they’re gone.

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    1. We did that at the reunion at Allisons. Peppered my dad with questions about G’pa (who died when I was almost 4. I barely remember him) and G’ma(she died when I was 30) when Dad was young…it was awesome!!

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