It’s a balmy 33*F/1*C here this early am.  My cold has gotten better as I am only swaying in my chair instead of my forehead hitting the keyboard and snoring emanating from beneath my nose….

It is only 9:20am and my boss is complaining of his cold. And 30 minutes from now he will leave to go home. I was here everyday, coughing into my elbow and doing my work.


I have been steadily losing weight lately. I am happy with it. I can’t eat like I used to. Part of it is my cold. Just not much appetite. But I am not eating as much. I used to down a foot long from Subway. Now? Half that is good. I still get the foot long. I just eat the other half for supper instead now. I’m down a good 5lbs which is a steady down. Earlier, I would be down 2 up 4! down 3 back up 2, it was nuts. I have to get this off. I hate feeling like I do. I’ve been using BiteSnap app on my phone to count calories. It’s pretty easy to use and it has helped me.

Yup. 10am and boss went home. And I’m still here…..LOL………

Leaving at noon on Friday for a wedding in the cities. 4pm wedding on a Friday. Is this the new thing to get all your friends a day off from work? lol. I’m taking a half day. The bride is so sweet. Now I have to find something to WEAR!!! I’ll post photos next week.

No word on uncle’s funeral yet. Getting his brother here from CA might be a challenge.

Hope you try the Halloweensie story challenge…………..good luck! .git

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