HaLlOwEeNsIe Story!!!

It’s Halloween time!

YAY!!!!  ( Mike’s Halloween story )

And that means it’s time for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest!


Here are the rules: Entrants have to write a Halloween-themed story no longer than 100 words. (In Halloween parlance that means the story is “Fun Size.”) This story also must contain the words “trick,” “potion,” and “cobwebs.”

Here is my submission! Enjoy!

“What??? I’m here!! Sheesh!!! You woke me! Not a good thing…” she said as her eyes glowed a deep gold.


As she stretched, yawned, and shook the cobwebs from her mind, they noticed…her nails were growing longer, her hair was getting thicker, and she was decidedly arching her back…menacingly.



“I’ve warned you before not to startle me out of sleep…..” She snarled, “What kind of trick will it take for you to LEARN!??” she screeched!

As they ran, screaming and terrified, they thought ‘We’ve learned!! We’ve learned!!’



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16 thoughts on “HaLlOwEeNsIe Story!!!

  1. Oh wow! Your story reminds me of the commercial where the new roommate is a witch and she’s cooking and tells the roommate to eat up and it starts turning her into a cat! Love that commercial! I think it’s for Geico. Not sure though. Happiest of Halloweens, Boo! Mona

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