struggling down memory lane…..

It’s that dreaded time of year.

5 years ago today.
Nick for paper
5 years ago today is when the word cancer was spoken.

Where the fuck has the time gone????

I’ve been dwelling on the people lost in the last 5 years and it has me barely able to function.  I had a good drunk Saturday night and it didn’t help.

Now what????

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Friday thoughts of Five….

It is Friday. I have jumped on that Friday Five Bandwagon and now I have to rack my brain, similar to racking pool balls, and come up with 5 actual thoughts. OK. Here we go.

1) I called my friend Dan today. He answered “Dan’s House of Pain. How can I help you?” I lost it. So he lost it. We are just sitting here laughing at each other for like a minute. If y’all remember, the first movie Dan and I watched together was Fatal Attraction. So I tried to tell him I was sitting here in the dark, flicking a lamp on and off but I was laughing too hard!

ignored Dan fatal-attraction.gif

2) Lunch today will be a mystery. I have NO idea what I want to eat. And the grocery store down the street from me is a joke. I spose I can just go to Kwik Trip and grab a sammich. THAT sounds appetizing. I feel like I cannot even cook in my own kitchen so making up ‘leftovers’ is a no go til the kids move out.

3) The thought of not seeing my g’kids every day is breaking my heart. Willa gives me SUCH lovin’s and big smiles when she sees me. I will have to go to their new house often. I kind of hope this deal falls through and they move closer than where this house is. But it IS their life and their decision. So………….

4) I brought home some cookies that one of the vendors brought for us. On Monday night, they both helped me get the wood room cleaned out (and the wood that was down there is now stacked out of the way so Sunday we can drop more in.) They each got a cookie then. As they were eating them, the 5 year old leaps in front of me “WHAT do I have to do to get another cookie Nonna?????” I about snorted milk out my nose! So last night, I brought home some more cookies. Again the 5 year old states “What do I have to do to get one Nonna??” You should have seen his eyes light up when I told him he gets one just because he found one of my rings!  I’ll find another job for him too because I brought home 4 cookies! lol!

wood pile

5) Here is the wood room that the 5 year old earned a cookie helping with. All that wood has been burned but the soil and dead bugs, bark and misc crap that comes with having a wood room, was all over the floor. I’ve wanted to clean it up for years but before Nick got sick “Aw just leave it!” then I did nothing while he was ill, and I’m just now getting into the groove of living and getting shit done. So the floor got all cleaned up. The wood is stacked ready for more before the snow flies. Sounds like Sunday is the day…..I’ll get more photos.


Well, if you are wandering near my area on Saturday, join us for the bonfire. If you are wandering by on Sunday, stop in and join us for WoodFest. I’ll have to figure out what I am cooking for everyone! Probably Pork Chops, Baked taters, green beans, salad….some kind of desert… are welcome to join us!! Til then? Say hey and have a great day!

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I’m zausted……..

My daughter had a catering gig on Saturday night, so Gary and I babysat.

Lennox will be 6 in January.

Jules turned 5 last May. (another Granddaughter come to play with her cousin)

Aubree was 4 in July. (Same things…Jules sister)

And Willa is almost 9 months now.

I’m just gonna let that sink in for a few.


<insert random blinking here>


<insert whistling here>


<Insert a yawn or two here>


Ya. Now you know why I’m so tired.

But then I get this. They both fell asleep on me. Turned away from each other. Lennox rolled in his sleep first. Then Willa stretched and threw her hand back.

Look where they ended up…..


So precious…..

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Friday Five

1) OMG…The damn FRUIT FLIES are bountiful this year! Everywhere I go , there they are!!

2) This is what I saw driving to work today. I thought it stunning. I have no idea what phenomenon caused this but WOW.resized_20191011_081806_3534.jpeg

3) Let loose and had some fun last night. See the slide show. LOL!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4) I have a guy that just contacted me on Instagram. From Australia, (or so he claims) living as an American in North Carolina, yet speaks like he is from the Mideast. Uh huh. Like I’m going to let him into MY life.

5) Funny Wine Guy. Remember him?? He’s been contacting me a bit lately. Wonder what his agenda is………………..*sigh*

Heading to the Homecoming Football game tonight. So if you stop by? I won’t be here. LOL!!

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