Today is moving day….

……….and this is our weather.

…. all my tarps are at Gary’s.   Ooops

I hope my son was able to get his enclosed trailer usable. He keeps all his construction tools in it. It would be a big job to clean that out to use it. So I’m thinking he probably didn’t.resized_20191209_120210_4056.jpeg
I am torn between being incredibly happy to have my house back (after 2 years of sharing) and losing this every night:

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She and I have a bond that I hope can never be broken. She loves her Nonna and shows it very well for not quite 11 months yet.  I don’t know who will have a harder time, me not cuddling, her not seeing Nonna or Mommy not having someone to hand a fussy little girl to and say ‘Here, put this to sleep again.’ LOL……………

Gary and I had yet another fun weekend.  We went to the ‘country corn crib’ where they have the BEST smelling candles….Butt Naked is my fave!! Cool ‘country’ stuff but priced far too high in my book.

Next to the building were these two behemoths.  Resized_20191207_142118_8924Resized_20191207_143623_9279
Then we went back home where Gary treated me to some porn.

Since I am doing NO decorating at my house this year (because of daughter moving AND I cannot find my stuff) we went all out on his. I got the nicest compliment from his step-daugher. “Mom would have loved it!” High praise indeed. We also put lights over the arch and around the stairwell. I like how it turned out. We switched the placement of the couch and loveseat and it works to have the tree in front of that gorgeous front door.

It was hard to go home last night but my dog missed me and I wanted to see which episode of hoarders my house looked like. It was fine.

Today may be another story…..I’m thinking sharknado destruction kind of look.


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