“Especially this time of year…..”

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I was filling my car this morning when GSTV (Gas Station TV because my God one cannot have a moment of quiet – EVEN when filling your gas tank) aired yet ANOTHER commerical …but it came with this phrase:

“Family is important”

“Especially this time of year”  So Happy Holidays from Joe Blow’s company that, I feel, kind of just insulted us.


MY family is important all year long.

Not only my family but my friends.

Even some of my goofy customers.

And……it is:




I think I’ve lost the Christmas spirit I think. I can’t find my wreaths. I can’t find my ornaments. I can’t find my butt with both hands in my house right now. I packed up some of the kitchen stuff off my counter she’s not using. I want to start packing toys in the bins and stack them with the stuff I packed last night.

I am ready for this to be done so I can mourn the kids leaving. There is NOTHING like a 5 year old snuggling up to your side. Or an 11 month old crawling up on your shoulder and falling asleep.

It hurts to lose them but I have to start this new chapter of my life.

Bittersweet…………ya, that’s the word.


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So….I had some time at home alone last night……….

I haven’t seen my counter THAT clean in over 2 years. It actually looked downright cozy in there!! After they move out, I’m going to finish painting the cupboards and HAVE A CLEAN KITCHEN AGAIN!Resized_20191210_175241_6405
I actually enjoyed cleaning that all up….haven’t heard that from me in a long time either have ya?? One section at a time and all will be right with the universe again.

And again last night……………Damn it’s gonna be hard giving this up. I am no longer sure on the move date. This Sunday the moving trailer is coming to visit…so………..

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The weather messed THAT up!

There was too much snow and the roads were bad so moving yesterday didn’t happen. Resized_20191209_190622_8753

So this happened instead. I got her one more night. She basically crawled up on my shoulder and went to sleep. I love how she trusts me so.Resized_20191209_194931_819
She snuggled down into the crook of my arm a little later.  I am doing my best to not let my heart break by thinking they are moving into their own home. Not a rental apartment. A home of their own. THAT makes me happy.

Not doing this every night…?


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Today is moving day….

……….and this is our weather.

…. all my tarps are at Gary’s.   Ooops

I hope my son was able to get his enclosed trailer usable. He keeps all his construction tools in it. It would be a big job to clean that out to use it. So I’m thinking he probably didn’t.resized_20191209_120210_4056.jpeg
I am torn between being incredibly happy to have my house back (after 2 years of sharing) and losing this every night:

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She and I have a bond that I hope can never be broken. She loves her Nonna and shows it very well for not quite 11 months yet.  I don’t know who will have a harder time, me not cuddling, her not seeing Nonna or Mommy not having someone to hand a fussy little girl to and say ‘Here, put this to sleep again.’ LOL……………

Gary and I had yet another fun weekend.  We went to the ‘country corn crib’ where they have the BEST smelling candles….Butt Naked is my fave!! Cool ‘country’ stuff but priced far too high in my book.

Next to the building were these two behemoths.  Resized_20191207_142118_8924Resized_20191207_143623_9279
Then we went back home where Gary treated me to some porn.

Since I am doing NO decorating at my house this year (because of daughter moving AND I cannot find my stuff) we went all out on his. I got the nicest compliment from his step-daugher. “Mom would have loved it!” High praise indeed. We also put lights over the arch and around the stairwell. I like how it turned out. We switched the placement of the couch and loveseat and it works to have the tree in front of that gorgeous front door.

It was hard to go home last night but my dog missed me and I wanted to see which episode of hoarders my house looked like. It was fine.

Today may be another story…..I’m thinking sharknado destruction kind of look.


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Ok ok! Friday 5! (or so)

  1. Ugh
  2. Ugh again
  3. OK, Those don’t count?? Damn.  I spose this one doesn’t either…..?
  4. I’m looking forward to life. Wow. Haven’t heard me say THAT in a while huh? My daughter en fam are moving out and I have all kinds of rearrangement of my house plans in my head and I seriously cannot wait to get started on them now. I’m moving my king bed upstairs and bringing the brass bed to my room. Granted it’s a double? and LOTS smaller but it will give me more room and I just want to. So there. My desk may add to that room and hopefully my balcony door gets replaced. I want to start up my AirBnB again. I just want my house in order again. It looks like a bad episode of hoarders right now. you smell like love.jpg
  5. Jegs is getting worse. He is slowing down. He cannot hear at all now because of those ear infections that never really cleared up. After the kids move out, I think I am going to get another dog. Not a puppy. A dog. One that needs and picks me. LOL. I will be a basket case when I lose Jegs. I will need a canine to lean on. No, not a cane. A canine. Dogs are the best. They love you no matter what. Cats? pfft. Mine loves me as long as I feed him.

    Sprint 2014
    You got THAT right.
  6. I’ll be cooking when I get to Gary’s tonight. Potatoes fried in Bacon Fat, Pork Chops caramelized in a cast iron fry pan, and a veggie of indeterminate lineage. (That means I’ll decide when I get there.                                 gpa
  7. The sun is out. It’s cold. I have the floor space heater on in my office or my fingers freeze almost solid. All I want for Christmas? Is May.
  8. I am watching The Blacklist. OMG I LOVE IT. Lizzie just died tho. Yes, I cried.
  9. Ok, I did more than 5 even tho y’all won’t count them all. Say hello and tell me what your favorite flavor of pie is. That way I know you actually READ this. LOL!!! Heart on plank Valentines day
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So….Maybe I’m back….again.

Thurs Happy Fri wait its Thurs

I took Dec 23rd off so I’ll have a 5 day weekend….to start the stretch from Jan 2nd until May 23rd when we have NO holidays.

And before you say anything….do YOU get Valentine’s Day off? Neither do I. lol

We also do not get Presidents Day, MLKJr. Day, Easter Good Friday, or any of the other ones in between.

I have 13 days of vaca left. I’m thinking March will be a good time to head south…..

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