No I didn’t borrow them my rug….

Don’t Dress for Dinner was BEYOND hilarious! I’m so glad we went!! Well done, incredibly funny, actors were right on and it was so fun…

This is the set (see above) If you can zoom in on the rug under the couch… LOL!Resized_20200103_223843_7122
It was the same design tho. Dan and I had a giggle over that. As did the people who sat next to us. It was SUCH fun. And the woman who played ‘the cook’ was SO SPOT ON! OMG she got the most applause and whistles at the end.  I LOVE that set. I’d like my new place to look like that. LOL.

I highly recommend community theater.  It was really a great evening well spent.

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Of COURSE it’s blurry!!


I had to sand down two portions of my kitchen counter to get red and green dye off, plus rings from my cast iron. I’ll try to get better photos.

Before Mineral OilResized_20200128_175420_7236
After mineral oil applied and rubbed in.

My kitchen glows.

Off to the theatre tonight!! Will let you y’all know tomorrow!!

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Then there’s this…

20190929_154212001 Jay

He had a procedure at the hospital this morning. Nothing serious. Just a check to make sure everything is in place and behaving.

He ASKED to have lunch with G’ma Sue today.  He gave me HUGS AND HUGS and wanted to sit by me and talk to me and tell me all kinds of things and and and….

Made me feel so much better….

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I was planning

….on going to Illinois this weekend to visit this wonderful lady and her hubby.  She’s been having some health issues lately.

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Plans are in place to leave Friday from work and head right down there. Spend the weekend with my “Illinois Mafia” and have a little fun on my own.

Tom messaged me at 4:25pm. “Call me when you can.” I was leaving work about then so I called right away.

“If you are planning on having a fun weekend, this may not be the one to come down on. Mary was moved from the nursing home to the hospital. She may not make it thru the rest of the week. Tommy doesn’t think she’ll last the night.”

Well shit. “Ok, keep me posted.”

9:22pm “Mary passed just before 8pm. Will keep you updated.”

Son of a bitch.

My goofy, funny, wonderful friend is gone.

Mary and I have a sad connection.

Mary’s son was killed in a freak accident with his fire truck on the way to a parade. It happened the day of Nick’s funeral. All of them(Illinois Mafia) drove 3 hours to sit for a couple hours at Nick’s wake then drove home that evening.  The next day her son was killed during Nick’s funeral. I think of her all the time.

RIP Mary. You are much loved. Say hi to Nick for me.

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So apparently I am going

….. to the Theatre on Thursday evening.

Don’t Dress for Dinner

Bernard has a lover who is pretending to be Robert’s lover so Jacqueline wouldn’t know she was Bernard’s lover. Meanwhile, Robert is Jacqueline’s lover pretending to be Bernard’s lover’s lover so Bernard wouldn’t know Jacqueline had a lover. And Bernard’s lover is pretending to be the cook while the real cook pretends to be Robert’s lover. Will anyone be sober enough for dinner!? It’s an evening of hilarious confusion as Bernard and Robert improvise at breakneck speed.

Are you confused yet? I am. My friend Dan and I are going. He needs cheering up and I need a night on my own.

Started watching AJ and the Queen on Netflix last night.

I LOVE RUPAUL!! I think he is freakin’ awesome.

Check it out.

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..and I’m not even Catholic

For nearly a century and a half, for every hour of every day, 24/7, members of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have said prayers in their chapel in La Crosse.

Next month, that will change.

The sisters have announced that after a dozen years of study and reflection, they will begin to cut back their prayer ritual to 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily.

You know? for some reason this makes me sad. The end of yet another era. No, I am not Catholic but man y’all got some AWESOME churches. This is just 3 of ’em.

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This little bug and her two brothers stayed with Nonna this weekend.  Here she is trying to decide what she wants off the menu.

I was rather worried about her Saturday when we picked her up. She was very lethargic and when I tried to dress her, it was like she had no strength. She slept most of the day away but holy buckets, when she got up on Sunday? She had more pep and gumption than the rest of us put together.

I’m trying to do up an Cabin Fever Reliever Party invite for Gary’s family and I’m hosting it at my house this time. This could get interesting…..

I have to figure out what I want. Because right now, I feel like I am just coasting. And I don’t like it.

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So I missed posting yesterday….


It hit me again. Out of the freakin’ blue. I saw a photo of him on my desk that has been there for MONTHS and bam.

I’m beginning to dread these times. I was short with Gary.  I yelled at my dog. I got pissed at my cat. I got upset with a plant, then it fell and broke the glass bottle it was in. I was not fit for man or beast yesterday.

And today? It’s like someone flipped a switch. My eyes stopped their random leaking, my temper apologized to me for getting outta hand, my head feels clear again…..

I hate this.

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…then I switched gears….

This is a shelf my dad gave me when they moved. I think he told me he built it. I like it. I think it’s funky. It will sit in my hall because it is narrow and the kids can put their shoes on it so the hallway is not full of 13 grandchildren’s shoes. I can set my purse on it, some candles, a Scentsy warmer and other whatnots I don’t know what to do with. LOL

So I started painting it the color of the hall walls. I’m thinking I’ll dry brush another color over it when I’m done with the Tuscan Tan.Resized_20200120_183916_1493
I am also painting the wood trim white…but I may have told you that already. My brain is mush for all the ideas I have for my house. I may have told you that already too.

So I’m heading right home after the thrift store to keep moving on this…..

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So I started a NEW painting project….

I hate the green in my hall. But LOVE it in the living room. So I grabbed a can of paint, the laundry room color, and had at Sunday night. Got this much done before my arm gave out. And LOVE it. Because of all the crap on the woodwork, that will get painted white. The chair rail will be removed from the left side. The right side(second photo) may end up with a groove in it to hold a chunk of chalkboard. Now I can’t wait to get this finished so I can get rid of that GawdAwful linoleum. I want to finish painting first because under that linoleum, I’m hoping is decent wood like my dining room (1916 tongue and groove hardwood maple). I just have to figure out if I can keep it wood with 18 coats of urethane or if I will need to cover it again.

I’ll try to get a photo when we pull it up and the painting is done……My house is finally getting the way I want it.


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