So, the decision has been made…

I have a call into the Vet I trust. He’s gone for the weekend , due back on Monday. He is to call me then. I will explain, maybe take him in for a once over. But I will not put Jegs through any more invasive procedures.

Just look at that handsome face….20181115_204420001(1)Today I’ll be calling the memorial headstone place and find out how one puts the ashes in the leg of Nick’s bench. Jegs belongs with Dad. I don’t want to bury him at home because I’m hoping to sell in a couple years. Move back to Minnesota.

Nicks headstone
The fatter leg on the left is hollow. For me to be placed in or to be left empty.  I have decided to be cremated. Half of me here and half with the rest of my family at Portland.

As I look at this, I wish now I had put Nick & Sue instead of David & Susan…but I digress.

dog 2

Jegs will be made as comfortable as possible, then cremated and then go by Dad.

dog 4

I feel much better about it.

dog 3

Not that I won’t be a total basketcase……..

dog 1
No, there won’t be photos….

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13 thoughts on “So, the decision has been made…

  1. I am still a basket case over you know who. Thankfully I had Charlie drop into my life and it eases the pains, but I still find myself looking for my pal.
    I am glad that Jegs has you for this.

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