I had 2,200 steps in by 10:30am Sunday.

But backing up to Saturday first…..

Saturday night, I met with Cindy and her husband. Cindy is the rep that connected me with my 4 foreign children. We discussed me getting a new student. However, the Main Rep has made not only Cindy quit, but several other Regional reps plus the reps below them have quit. Yet this company continues to think the sun shines out Rose’s ass.  Someone needs to do SOMETHING about Rose. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have NEVER spoken to that……person and yet she has BITCHED about me!! WTF????

Time to get that room back in order. I should have taken before shots and I didn’t. Sue me. LOL However I did take before painting photos.

The trim before. (See what I mean about the people that painted before me???) All the trim in my house looks like this.student room trim before

This is the same trim after. It just looks so much cleaner. And no, the pink paint is going too. I also need to figure out a rug or something for that little corner.students bedroom trim after

Here is the bed half with trim partially done. After I took this photo, I finished up around the closet and around to the bookcase. I wanted to keep that grey part around the closet but upon closer inspection, it really needs a second coat. I don’t know if I have any of that color left and I cannot recall the name of it. It’s the grey from my bedroom. I may have to go into my archives and see if I wrote the name down in a blog when the room was done in Sept of 16.students bedroom Sunday
No, I am not moving all those books just to paint back there. I will however, remove the top shelf of books and as much else as I can. I am hoping to finish the trim and start the walls tonite.students bedroom sunday books
Gary is wanting to come help.  I have mixed feelings about it. He’s great with a roller and the room would be done in no time. Like 2 days. It would take me weeks to get it done because of my hand.

But he’s expecting to stay over. And I think he thinks we are getting back together if he spends time with me, that he can convince me……no. He can’t.


Who wants to come help me paint? Please?


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