On the road again……

Yup. Back on the road to hosting a foreign exchange student. I signed up through EF to host another young adult that will become yet another of my children. Like I said, I won’t go through ISE but EF was recommended to me so we’ll give EF a shot. I hope they give me great kids like ISE did. And with better reps.

I love my Foreign Fab Four and miss them so much. Each one has been a joy in their own right. Even Corvin at times. LOL! We had such fun and these kids are wonderful.

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But with this Coronavirus (Should not have named it after a Beer. That’s not scary. Should have named it YouShuddaGotAJob virus. Now THAT’s scary!) we’ll see where my new daughter is from. I’m thinking with 11-13 Providences shut down in Italy? I won’t see another Italian Daughter. At least not this year. But then there are other countries I’d like to see so let’s try something new.



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5 thoughts on “On the road again……

    1. I choose with Matteo and Marghe. Corvin was suggested because Nick wanted a German. Earn was given to me because it was 3 weeks before school started and she had nowhere to go. I hadn’t wanted a student in 2016 because Nick had just died a month before. I am beyond glad I did tho. Earn was a GodSend!


    1. They are wonderful children who usually understand the ‘gift’ they have been given by being able to spend a year in someone else’s home in another country. I can’t wait.

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