Gawd…it’s Monday

500 percent done with today

Spent yesterday with Gary painting the room my student will be in. No, we are not getting back together. We just make a good painting team. I need to get photos of that room done. The top row off the shelves and the row under the windows all got taken off and painted behind. I did not move the whole shelving unit. I’d STILL be there putting books back.

students bedroom sunday books

I’m leaving the grey and must get another gallon of it so I can put a second coat on this. Earn painted it two years ago and I didn’t realize how much was missed. The pink behind the headboard is now a beautiful cream color. This room looks freakin’ AWESOME and yes, I’ll get photos.

students bedroom Sunday

The wall on the left is long. The pink flowerdy curtain is gone, that alcove is all painted, radios in it with some games. That’s the bed I took to my room and now I find out I am getting a son from Italy so I may end up changing this brass one for the white wrought iron one above. It’s a little girly for a guy huh?brass bed showing alcoveToday is Manic Monday. I have a tractor club meeting tonight, then go home to take Tylenol PM and hit the pillow early. I’m exhausted. I have a low grade headache and I’m not sure from what. There are no beervirus cases close to me. All are over 2 hours away.

I’ll get photos tonight.

Later taters…..

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