My shoulder is sore….

….AKA my next painting project.

This is the upstairs hallway. The former family colored on the walls. Put holes in them(to the left of the plug in socket) and generally did not take care of my house. Shame on them. The door to the left is the bedroom I have to gut. The door to the right is the bedroom Gary and I just painted. The door you barely see on the right is the bathroom and I am standing in the AirBnB room we just finished. I found the final piece of door trim and will put that on tonight.UH whole view
You can see the paint in the bottom left corner and how icky the walls are. The bathroom door is the far right doorUH telephone wall start
Here you can see the difference in the paint. I have yet to decide what to do with the trim. Yes, that is their paint all over it. I only managed to hit it a couple times and wiped most off. Opinions please? Paint the trim white again? Paint that whole door trim white (photo below door on left)UH telephone wall
This is the area I’ve wanted painted for a long time. Nick wouldn’t let me. He washed it and said it’s good we’re not buying paint. Apparently his glasses were dirty too.UH Wall down the stairs
I am absolutely loving how this painting is turning out! Everything looks so clean and fresh…….and it may be for naught. More on that in a bit.

Gary found his 6′ extension and is planning on painting the TALL part(refer back to photo 1) of the area above the stairs this weekend. He LOVES to paint and I’m gonna take advantage of that right now. Because I cannot reach it. He offered to help (with ulterior motives I’m sure). No we are not getting back together.

Now on to the bad news. I rec’d this in the email yesterday after I finished my final step of student hosting.

“Italy is a very scary place to be and we are now joining them. I would not take it personally, they could be rethinking exchange. I had 7 kids pull out of our program to go home and our Lars is most likely going to do the same thing. We have a lot of unknowns, but will bounce back.

Personally? I wouldn’t want to be flying back to Europe right now! But these kids are scared and I don’t blame them.  I’ll just keep praying for the best.

And over the email a few moments ago? First confirmed case in this county.

Lord watch o’er us all….please.



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10 thoughts on “My shoulder is sore….

  1. You’re asking the wrong person here. I’ve been debating whether or not to paint all my wood stained trim white for years now.
    Sorry about your student but it’s understandable he’d want to be with his family now.

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      1. be careful, are you still working and traveling to work? We have none within our county but 100 miles south there are 6 surrounding counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases. ugh! its a horrible time with people hoarding and just panicking…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am still driving to work. 3 cases now confirmed in the area where I work. Yay. I am good on food AND toilet paper for a month. There are only 4 or 5 of us here but we have constant walk-ins. Have tomorrow off and am staying home to paint and paint and paint some more. See my blog in a bit for photos.


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