great day till work happened
I was really hoping to take my computer home to work starting today.  No word yet. Maybe by Friday. We weren’t busy on Friday or Monday. Tuesday and today? NUTS. I’m thinking a lot of people are coming in because both MN and WI are talking of closing the state.  My friend heard to get in or out of MN you have to have a valid driver’s license or a work permit. I doubt the work permit is true but I’m thinking you need a valid driver’s license………………….anyway? lol

I miss my g’kids so much.

UH trim
My upstairs hallway is mostly done. I’ve made a decision to just paint the doors and trim white. I have 4 different color doors right now. Then I can put some kind of fun decal on each door. It sure is much brighter in there. I’m liking how it’s ‘crisping’ things up and makes it look fresh.

But that Gawd Awful carpet MUST go!!!

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11 thoughts on “DAMMIT!!!

      1. My first floor is 1916 tongue and groove hardwood maple. The upstairs? Is probably OSB because he built the second floor in the early 70’s

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      2. My first hardwoods, I got accidentally. I had already picked this lovely carpet to have installed, when the installer, who happened to be a friend of ours, pulled up the old carpet and find this beautiful floor underneath. Not a scratch on it and the dirt that had permeated through had over the years, given it a light sanding. All I had to do was oil it and they were gorgeous! Lucky me. I cancelled the carpet.

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      3. I pulled the carpet up in my living room and found the original school house floor, complete with the markings from the desks and children’s feet. I cannot bring myself to cover it again.

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  1. I’ve been hearing that people are getting a ‘permit’ to go to work as an essential employee or worker. Generally this is provided by the employer? I don’t know, but this was from the Milwaukee/Racine/Kenosha area. However, I still will drive up to our county parks to forage for wild food.
    I am sorry you have to go to work. We can’t have any visitors because of Rich’s health.

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      Hugs to Rich and you too!!


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